Shree Veerbhadra Mahadev Temple (Rishikesh, Uttarakhand) – The location where Virbhadra was born

History of Shree Veerbhadra Mahadev temple narrated by the temple priest as follows:

When Goddess Uma (Sati) felt insulted by her father Daksh Prajapati at Kankhal, Haridwar by not inviting Lord Shiva for Yagya nor arranging seat for him, she jumped into the Yagya Kund to burn herself. The news spread like fire and reached Lord Shiva (husband of Goddess Uma). He became furious pulled-out his Jata (hair-lock) smashed it into the earth thus, Virbhadra was born.

Virbhadra by the order of Lord Shankar went to Kankhal, Haridwar destroyed the Yagya and finally killed Daksha.

It is said Virbhadra Mahadev Temple is the location where Lord Shankar smashed his hair-lock and Virbhadra was born. The temple is 1300 years old approx. but the story is thousand years old.

The local railway station close-by is named ‘Virbhadra Station’. Trains while leaving or coming Rishikesh stop at Virbhadra station.

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