History of Horse Drawn Tram Car in Calcutta-1880

Horse Drawn Tram Car in Calcutta-1880 (Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai, India)

The first effort to run the tramways from Sialdah to Armanium Road was done by Calcutta Municipal Corporation in the year 1873.

Calcutta Municipal Corporation signed an agreement with M/s. Dilvin Parish Alfred Parish, Robbinson Sotter in 1879. The company was to lay down different tracks for the tram car. Thereafter Calcutta Tramways Co. Ltd. a company registered at London took over the charge.

This company started with horse-driven tram cars on meter gauge tracks on November 16, 1880. The tram’s first route was from Sialdah to Dalhousie Corner via Armanium Street.

In March 1881 trams started running between Chitpur Road and Chaurangi Lane. In the November month of the same year tracks were laid down at Dharmtala, Shyam Bazar, and several other places. Soon it developed into a 19-mile-long network of tramways.

(Source: Display Board at Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai (Maharashtra).

About: Mahakaleshwar Temple – Among One of the Seven ‘Mukti-Sthal’

Mahakaleshwar Temple is located on the banks of the Kshipra River, in the dense Mahakal forest in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. This Jyotirlinga in Madhya Pradesh is an important pilgrimage site in Central India. There are number of legends related to how this Jyotirlinga came into existence. According to the Puranas, there was a five-year-old Shrikar who was enthralled by the devotion of King Chandrasena of Ujjain towards Lord Shiva. Shrikar took a stone and started worshipping as Shiva. Many people tried to dissuade him in different ways, but his devotion kept growing. Pleased by his devotion, Lord Shiva assumed the form of a Jyotirlinga and resided in the Mahakal forest. The Mahakaleshwar Temple is considered significant by the Hindus for another reason. It is among one of the seven ‘Mukti-Sthal‘ – the place that can liberate a human.

(Source: Display/Notice Board at Babulnath Temple in Mumbai (Maharashtra)

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