My Memorable Journey from Jaisalmer to Tanot Mata Temple

Jodhpur to Jaisalmer journey – direction board indicates Tanot Mata distance, and I decided to tour.

Next day early morning 10:20 we drive towards temple via hired cab if not Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike. Driving solo within remote area maybe troublesome if Tyre got puncture. Windmill both sides of the road very impressive by Suzlon as we drive. I remember somewhere within Maharashtra maybe near Pune I saw few Windmill but was far from the road unable to watch closely and today I am driving very close to windmill – Hundreds in numbers.



Border Roads Organisation important written message. Water is precious – we agree. Water bottles must be for this tour. Traffic is less. More we drive further less vegetation, less population only sand and dune both sides of the road. To drive within barren land, I had in dreams. Dream fulfilled. ‘Road’ – starring Vivek Oberoi, Antara Mali, Manoj Bajpai few scenes within the movie was also shot within similar road condition – rewind memories as we drive. The drive will be remembered always. Will say – if you are visiting Jaisalmer you should visit Tanot to experience desert where only road is man made rest is nature.

The driver parks the cab in front of Ghantayali Mata temple.

Jaisalmer to Ghantayali Mata Temple distance is approx. 117 Kms.

Total travel/journey time from Jaisalmer to Ghantayali Mata Temple is 2 hours approx.

Tanot is little far. We first stop here and then at Tanot temple – said the driver.

Summer: 4:30 am to 10:00 pm

Winter: 5:00 am to 9:30 pm

Hawan (holy ritual) – Thursday

Summer days the area must be very hot and winter very cold nights because all around as far as I can see is dune and sand. Living within such conditions is brave. After prayers, donation the wish was to know more about the temple. The priest of the temple directed us towards a close by location.

Broken idols and writings mentioning the miracle of Goddess during 1965 war. Pakistan army men fired at their own army men believing as enemies. They became blind when they tried to open Goddess jewellery. They killed each other when few of their army men tried to stop others to break idols. And the story of Ghantayali mata – a boy saw the miracles of mata at this very place.

After reading and prayers we re-started the journey further towards Tanot. Six km drive cab was parked.

Jaisalmer City to Tanot Mata Temple distance is 123 Kms approx.

Total journey/travel time from Jaisalmer to Tanot Mata Temple – 2 hours 20 minutes approx.



Quote by John F. Kennedy welcomes you. We walk towards the temple remembering Wagah Border (Amritsar) ceremony saw few years ago.

Bhagwati Shree Aawd Devi (Mata Tanot Rai) was born on Tuesday 808 Vikram Samvat (year 752) as first daughter of Mamdiya ji resident of Chelak. She showed many miracles and was also known as Nagnechi, Kale Dungar Rai, Bhojasari, Degrai.

847 Vikram Samvat Tanot last ruler King Bhati Tanurao laid the foundation of Tanot and 888 Vikram Samvat Tanot Fort and Tanot temple foundation was laid.

India – Pakistan 1965 war Pakistan dropped about three thousand shells within this area near temple and about 450 shells dropped within temple area but due to divine power all shells went blind and no damage was done. Goddess blessings again in the year 1971 soldiers fought bravely against Pakistan army sudden attack in Longewala and destroy Pakistan tanks, vehicles and won the battle.

Mata Shree Tanot Rai is having special importance for the army, villagers and devotees. The temple is the crown of Jaisalmer situated at Tanot Village – old capital of Bhati Rajputs.

A small museum displaying unexploded shells dropped by Pakistan army during war mentioning miracles of Goddess Shree Tanot and photographs from the war field. And


And many more..

Prayers and donations. A memorial at the temple entrance with details about 17 – 19 November 1965 Tanot war. I inquire – visiting the border possible? Closed now-a-days for civilians – said army man.

Anyways, the tour is a mixture of three subjects: Nature, Temple and devotion.

I was hungry. A small canteen run by army man nearby. Tea and bread pakora we had. Very less tourist present maybe conveyance an issue. While returning I saw vultures and few mud houses situated within barren land. Tough weather conditions but a home is a home.

Do You Buy Souvenirs during Your Travel? And for Whom?

Yes, I buy souvenirs during travel. And specially God’s photos for mother because she is religious and unable to travel due to old age.

I am also religious but compare to mother – I am less.

I have a habit of buying God photo frames (during visit to temples at various cities/towns) to be placed at wooden temple (place of worship) at home. I have a collection of God’s photos from most of the religious places; I visited till-date.

Not only God’s photos, once during tour to Ranthambore National Park in the year 2012, I purchased T-Shirt with printed Bengal Tiger as souvenir for Rs. 350. And recently, during Shirdi tour, I purchased stainless steel thin sharp brass line Kada/Kara (mostly worn by Sikhs) for Rs. 100/-only.

As per knowledge – Kada or Kara is a protective ring.

Recently, during Gurdwara visit at Mira Road, Mumbai I saw a makeshift shop selling accessories/items worn by Sikhs.

Ek Onkar sticker and Khanda – personal favourite. Sticker for my room door and Khanda to wear around my neck.

Ek Onkar means – God is One or One God.

Khanda as per google search, symbolizes – spiritual and secular.

If I remember correctly, the very first thought of wearing a chain was, when I saw – ‘Warrior of the light necklace’ at Paulo Coelho blog. I thought of purchasing it, but it was unavailable.

Anyway, what about you? Do you buy Souvenirs during your Travel? And for Whom?

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