Gurukripa at Choti Daman – Recommended Restaurant by a Local Friend from Daman for Lunch

Gurukripa – Choti Daman’s 2-star hotel near the beach was recommended by a local friend from Daman for lunch.

He said – if you love non-vegetarian food along with drinks (well-stocked bar) then you must visit Gurukripa in Choti Daman.

Actually, it is Daman Delite – The seafood restaurant located in Hotel Gurukripa.

To be honest, I love their non-veg food. ‘Chicken Hariyali Masala’ was tasty and relatively cheap.

Not to forget – Their seafood has a huge variety. Specializes in it for sure. Highly recommended for seafood lovers.

Daman Delite is basically a resto-bar (air-conditioned) with low light ambiance.

The ceiling is filled with sparkling stars, making you think of a galaxy.

There is a tv as well where they screen live cricket matches. I saw Pakistan vs England T20 final match.

The Hotel Gurukripa’s location is good near a taxi/bus stand. Parking might be an issue.

Daman Delite was crowded on Sunday. I have to wait a while to get a table though the service was quick.

Do not miss the waiter getting a small torch for you to read the menu.

Note: Food will be served by the waitress.

It’s very much value for the money. A very homely atmosphere. Looking forward to visiting this place again.

Daman Delite – A must-visit seafood/non-veg restaurant in Daman. Thank you friend for the recommendation.

Clean Shave/Head Massage in Vapi – How much I Paid?

Clean Shave/Head Massage in Vapi I paid – Rs. 130.

I prefer Gillette shaving foam for a clean shave but this time in Vapi (Gujarat) near the railway station, the barber (non-air-conditioned shop) applied – V Mat shaving foam. No Animals Fat is written clearly. And the charges – Rs. 50 only.

Other than V Mat shaving foam till-date during various tours to various places the barbers have applied Gillette, Brooks, Cimelle on my beard area. And honestly speaking I do not find any difference. Maybe someone has to throw light – The difference.

Anyway, after a clean shave during tours, I wish for a good head massage. The cost was Rs. 80.

I was happy with the clean shave but the head massage (including shoulders/arms/back) was not up to the mark.

Reason: There is a difference between a malishwala and a masseur.

Anyway, still I was feeling fresh to continue my journey via train.

What I learned till-date is: Clean Shave rates are almost the same in non-air-conditioned barber shops but head massage cost differs.

Malgudi House – An Authentic South Indian Tiny Cafe in Vapi

Malgudi House in Vapi (Gujarat) is a nice tiny cafe to hang out/chill with your friends & family members at any time at low prices.

Timings: 8:00 am till 10:00 pm (7 days open). Only once in the last week of the month one day is off.

To reach Malgudi House you have to hire sharing auto for Rs. 10 or book an entire auto for Rs. 40 from Vapi Railway Station (east side) and drop at Gunjan Police Chowki. Malgudi House is 50 meters approx. from Gunjan Police Chowki.

Uday is the owner – born and brought up in Kerala.

The staff is very humble and Mr. Uday welcomes visitors so gently.

Though there are more than 200 products, famous menu items as per Uday at Malgudi House are Garlic Bread, Pudi Dosa, Garlic Dosa, Chocolate Dosa, Sandwiches, Cheese Soupy Noodles, White Pasta, Filter Coffee, Smoothies, and Lassi few of them.

I requested Pudi Dosa (never had before) and regular filter coffee.

Pudi actually is chutney powder sprinkled on top of dosa while it is cooked.

Filter Coffee taste is deeply personal. I’ve tried quite a few cafes and till-date Cafe Madras in Matunga, Mumbai is a personal favorite.

Note: All food preparations at Malgudi House are in Ghee or Butter only. No Oil. And Uday is the master chef at his outlet.

In short, the combination was good and I liked the taste of both. It was worth a visit.

Pudi Dosa cost Rs. 70 and Filter Coffee is Rs. 35 only.

The decor of this tiny cafe is very unique and cool.

Though it is a small cafe still it looks cozy & cute with so many options to fill one’s tummy and make you smile at pocket-friendly prices.

And do not miss to appreciate chalk art by Murtaza – Uday’s friend.

Would love to visit again. Overall it was a great outing. Must visit if you are in Vapi and craving some authentic cuisine from South India.

Malgudi House serves food that is an absolute delight to your taste buds. Kudos to Uday and the team.

I really had a great experience. The menu is unusually interesting. Delicacies that you have never even heard about in Vapi.

My Experience with ‘Shan Bike Hire’ in Daman

I search Google – two-wheeler rent in daman.

And one of the first results – SHAN BIKE HIRE.

0 – 79 4724 3369 was the mobile number.

I had talks with Afsan over mobile.

I told him that on a such and such date I am visiting Daman and I want Honda Activa on rent to roam around.

As the date of my arrival was a little far, he suggested calling two days before the arrival date.

He gave me one more mobile number – 0 – 91064 86603 in case another one is busy.

Two days before my arrival I called Afsan on his mobile number and he assured me an Activa on rent for Rs. 500 per day.

The day I reached Daman Bus Depot/Taxi Stand I called Afsan again and within 10 minutes he arrived with an Activa 6g.

He requested to show Aadhaar Card so that he can click its photo as a deposit.

He gave me a helmet and requested to fill the petrol tank.

The petrol pump was just opposite the Bus Depot/Taxi Stand.

He requested to visit this location again to submit Activa 6g in the evening hours.

He said — He is just a call away.

Thank you – said I and I filled the petrol tank with Rs. 250 petrol.

The whole day I roam around Daman. Never for one second did Activa 6g give any trouble.

I was happy with the prompt and no-trouble service from Afsan/Shan Bike Hire.

During evening hours I visited Bus Depot/Taxi Stand again and gave a call to Afsan.

Within minutes he arrived. I paid him Rs. 500.

The petrol tank was still having ample petrol. I submitted Activa 6g to Afsan and said thanks.

In short, the best was the condition of Activa 6g and second, it was a zero deposit deal.

I suggest: If you guys visit Daman, you may contact SHAN BIKE HIRE for prompt service.

Vapi Railway Station to Daman (vice versa) – How I Reached?

As per Google, Vapi Railway Station to Daman distance is approx. 11 km.

There are two ways to reach Daman from Vapi Railway Station.

  1. Taxi
  2. Bus

Sharing taxi for Rs. 40 per person is available outside (west side) of Vapi Railway Station. Taxi is written on the vehicle.

There is a bus also available but the bus depot is approx. 500 meters far from Vapi Railway Station (west side).

Vapi to Daman bus fare is Rs. 12 only.

But I suggest, for Vapi to Daman, a taxi is the best transport.

I opt for the bus from Vapi to Daman but there was a rush on the bus and I had to stand till the bus reached Daman.

While returning from Daman to Vapi Railway station I opt for a Taxi.

Note: At Daman, the Bus depot and Taxi stand both are at the same location.

Vapi to Daman (vice versa) travel time is approx. 30 minutes no matter if you opt for a bus or a taxi.

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