Distance from Zostel, Delhi to Various Zostel Hostels in India

(Distance is in kms)

Jaipur – 280.9

Pushkar – 418.2

Bir 2.0 – 498.1

Manali – 541.3

Dalhousie – 562.4

Jodhpur – 578.5

Mumbai – 1,414.8

Bengaluru – 2,159.4

Coorg – 2,429.6

Kochi – 2,724.6

Exide Battery (48 month warranty) for Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 – How much I paid?

Exide Xplore 12 volt, 14 amp. the battery is dead now.

You have to buy a new battery – said the local motorbike mechanic.

I look at the Date of Purchase given on the warranty card – 09-07-2020.

I started inquiring with Exide dealers dealing in Exide batteries for RE Thunderbird 350.

And the best rate, as usual, I received from Mallik Power (0-84236 35786/8108901786) – Exide Authorized Dealer from Ghatkopar West, near Chirag Nagar Police Station, Mumbai.

2,000 rupees the final price with buyback old battery – said the person from Mallik Power.

A good deal for sure because this is the best rate I was receiving and not to forget in the year 2020, Mallik Power was the one who replaced the battery too.

This time I am receiving again Exide Xplore 12 volt, 14 amp. brand new battery with a 48-month warranty.

And the most important – Santosh, Mallik Power employee did the home delivery and also fixed the new battery in my motorcycle without any extra charge. I also received the warranty card duly stamped by Mallik Power.

Thank you, Mallik. Thanks a ton. Best Wishes!

Gorai to EsselWorld Bird Park (with RE motorbike) via Ferry – How much I Paid?

Gorai to EsselWorld Bird Park (with RE motorbike) via Ferry – After reaching Gorai, I directly reached the parked ferry with my Royal Enfield Thunderbird motorbike.

The ferry wala charged me Rs. 5 as ferry charges.

And within minutes of crossing the creek and reaching way to EsselWorld Bird Park, I was charged at a barricaded area – Rs. 25 (Rs. 15 for myself and Rs. 10 for the motorcycle). A printed receipt was provided.

In short, a comfortable journey that saves ample time.

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