Mama Chicken Mama Franky House – The Best Hangout for Non-Vegetarians in Agra

Mama Chicken Mama Franky House (Shopping Arcade, Sadar Bazaar, Agra Cantt, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Menu of Mama Chicken Mama Franky HouseMenu (2) of Mama Chicken Mama Franky HouseNewspaper Article About Mama Chicken Mama Franky HouseMama Chicken Mama Franky House – more than 5,500 Google reviews – must visit open & spacious food point located in the main part of the Agra Cantt – Sadar Bazaar.

A roadside kitchen with a sit-in dining area, a stand, and eat-outside counters.

Timings: 12 Noon till late night.

I had Egg Chicken Franky Roll (Rs. 80) and Chicken Soup (Rs. 60).

Both were drooling & scrumptious. Freshly prepared juiciest really good at taste and finger licking.

And their service is really very fast. The staff is friendly.

Best place for people who are non-vegetarian. Heaven for non-vegetarians.

Visit once at least for the experience. Affordable rates, Budget-friendly and open kitchen. Value for money.

In short as per my experience Mama Chicken Mama Franky House is the best non-vegetarian restaurant in Agra.

Clean Shave/Head Massage in Agra – How much I Paid?

Clean Shave/Head Massage in Agra I was thinking of while loitering around Sadar Bazaar.

I have always applied Gillette Shaving Foam, especially in Mumbai Suburban (home town) for a clean shave at an air-conditioned barbershop.

And I pay Rs. 100.

But this time during the tour to Agra, one of the barbers at Happy Men’s Salon (non-airconditioned) at Sadar Bazaar applied Galaxy Shaving Foam and charged Rs. 40 for a clean shave.

Before applying foam the barber applied a cream on the face and massage the face very well.

Here, I want to tell you some barbers apply cream before shaving and some do not.

Different cities, Different barber shops, and their Different choices to apply Different creams and Different branded shaving foam.

I have no objection till the goal is reached smoothly & hygienically.

Till-date now I have experienced four types of branded shaving foam – Gillette, Brooks, Cimelle & Galaxy.

The difference?

No idea.

All I can say – a clean shave was as good as in Mumbai Suburban barbershop or in any other city barbershop.

Now it was time for a head/shoulder/back/arms massage – my personal favorite.

Rahul – The barber was excellent with his strong hands/fingers.

How much do I pay?

Rs. 30 only.

How much for the haircut? – I question Rahul.

Rs. 60 only – The reply.

In short, the results were satisfying within budget no matter the salon was most ordinary. I was happy.

Deviram Sweets & Restaurant (since 75 years) – First One to Introduce ‘Bedai’ in Agra

Deviram Sweets & Restaurant (since 75 years) has five stores across Agra and I was at Pratap Pura store – the oldest and most famous one and not too far from Sadar Bazaar.

Recently, I was on Agra Trip – had a chance to visit this store. Already a quite popular store heard a lot about this place before visiting Agra. Must-visit food store in Agra – I have to say after watching the crowd.

Deviram is famous for Bedai – puri fried & filled with spices & pulses (urad dal) served with sabzi and a spoon full of curd.

Bedai were being fried nearby and a guy was constantly filling a basket full and in no time it was disappearing.

Nice place overall for traditional breakfast/snacks. The customer has to buy coupons first to have Bedai/Jalebis/Lassi.

Their Bedai tasted scrumptious, yummy & heavenly – my first-time experience. Their spicy sabzi with dahi (curd) creates a magnificent aroma and taste in the mouth. Definitely value for money.

Bedai was first started by them only in Agra.

Timings: 7 am till 1 pm

The cost of crispy, crunchy Bedai is Rs. 12 per nag along with sabzi and curd. Bedai was served in leaf bowls.

I also had hot, perfectly fried, crispy Jalebis (Rs. 20 for 100 gm) and Lassi (Rs. 45) served in an earthen glass.

Environment friendly, isn’t it?

Bedai/Jalebis/Lassi was lip-smackingly good. It was awesome as per my personal experience. Superb, extraordinary.

There is nothing not to be loved about this place. All the eatables are freshly prepared and absolutely mouth-watering.

A must-visit place with your friends & family.

Please note: There are no sitting arrangements and parking vehicles might be an issue. You have to park the vehicle a little further.

Bedai is one of the most popular dishes that need to be on your list while you’re visiting Agra city. I Love such stores.

Guys, it is a must-visited store if u want awesome breakfast at a budget price.

Not only Bedai/Jalebis/Lassi they also serve Samosa with tamarind & green chutney in the evening hours starting from 1:30 am till 7:30 pm.

The cost of Samosa per nag again is Rs. 12 only.

They also sell two types of Boondi in the evening hours.

In short, a must-visit store if you haven’t had Bedai till-date and especially in Agra at Deviram Sweets & Restaurant.

On Which Day is Sadar Bazaar Market in Agra Closed?

The plan was to visit the very famous Agra Chaat House (Pride of Agra) situated at Chaat Gali, Sadar Bazaar market in Agra to have a mouth-watering/delicious chaat but was disappointed because the market was closed on Tuesday.

Timings: 1:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Anyway, new information was found while loitering around Sadar Bazaar and i.e, Mama Chicken Mama Franky House situated at Shopping Arcade in Sadar Bazar.

Mama Chicken Mama Franky House is open on Tuesday from 12 noon till late at night hours.

As the space within my stomach was not that encouraging to have chicken thus I decided to visit Sadar Bazaar again in the coming days.

How much is the Laundry Cost in Agra?

I enquired with goSTOPS (Agra) employees about laundry services & laundry costs in Agra and they guided me towards a laundry service situated approx. 50 meters. Maybe goSTOPS in Agra is not having an in-house laundry service or is non-functional.

I walk and met Rajkumar (0-63951 00622) – the washerman.

Rajkumar runs a makeshift shop of various items (left-side) and he also runs a laundry opposite it.

Upon query about the laundry cost, he said – 20 rupees per cloth without ironing. And if you wish your clothes to be ironed then Rs. 15 extra for a pair.

I gave him 3 clothes (Rs. 60) for washing only and he returned the clothes neatly washed and folded the next day morning.

Note: There are two laundry services close to goSTOPS. Rajkumar laundry services is a little further from the other laundry.

Prepaid Auto Fare: Agra Cantt Railway Station to goSTOPS (Taj Nagari)

On 23rd August 2022 I reached Agra Cantt Railway Station via BAREILLY EXP (14313) at 6:30 am and my search for prepaid auto begins.

Within the Agra Cantt Railway Station area (near the taxi stand), I found a prepaid auto booth. Though the prepaid auto booth was closed due to water logging, a police person was present nearby busy making prepaid slips for autos.

An auto wala approached me with a query about where I wished to go.

I replied – Taj Nagari, R.K. Puram (approx. 7 km from Agra Cantt Railway Station).

He requested to hire his auto as he will approach police personnel to make a prepaid slip for the journey.

I agreed.

We both approached the police person who made a prepaid slip for Rs. 150 with no extra charges for luggage.

Thanks to U.P. Govt. & Agra administration for a prepaid booth for auto/taxi within railway station area – I have to say.

I suggest: Each tourist place in India should have a prepaid auto/taxi mandatory. It will help tourists a lot.

Which is The Best Royal Enfield Service Centre in Rishikesh?

As per my experience – Lucky Motors & Friends Enfield House is the best Royal Enfield service/repair center in Rishikesh.

I have been to many Royal Enfield service centers (authorized/non-authorized) across India, Rishikesh is one of the locations where I found three guys very helpful and i.e., Lucky, Pramod and Vicky. The trio – Lucky, Pramod, and Vicky are the guys whom I can fully trust for my Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc repair or service.

The best about these guys is that since my first visit 10 years back till date I stick with them for my motorbike for any repair or service in Rishikesh. Their work was always very good with always the right advice and for any work to be outsourced (seat-cover) they will always share the best places. I personally find Pramod (17 years of experience) – The mechanic very knowledgeable.

Lucky Motors is located at Kailash Gate, Opp. Omkarananda School, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Friends Enfield House (25 years old) is located at Koyal Ghati, Akhand Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

I would recommend Lucky Motors/Friends Enfield House to get your RE motorbike serviced especially if you’re a true hardcore RE lover.

Here I would love to tell you that Lucky (0-98372 43668) and Vicky (0-98378 50349) are brothers who learned Royal Enfield motorbike repair/service from his father (popularly known as Billa) who is currently 65 years old having 45 years of RE repair/service experience.

Friends Enfield House is no doubt, the best bike service/repair workshop in Rishikesh started by Mr. Billa ages ago now managed by Vicky.

Vicky and Lucky both are having 20+ years of experience in Royal Enfield motorbike repair/service.

The oldest Royal Enfield motorbike serviced by Vicky is from the year 1962.

Lucky also conduct Ladakh tour. He also participated in ‘Raid De Himalaya’ contest and won it.

10 years back I remember my Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350cc was having a wobble issue. I consult Vicky and he advised me to change the swing arm bush and to date, after that, I never faced a wobble issue.

The trio says – We at Rishikesh request you to let the Friends Enfield House/Lucky Motors serve you. We provide branded Royal Enfield spare parts. No compromise in quality.

Yes, I agree – said I.

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