Gulab Ji Chai Wale – Oldest (75+ Years) and Renowned Tea Point in Pink City

Customers during Early Morning Hours at Gulab Ji Chai Wale in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India)

Rate Card of Gulab Ji Chai Wale (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)I am of those who love a cup of tea in the morning hours and simply cannot live without it.

Zostel cafe is open at 8:30 am thus, I decided to visit Gulab Ji Chai Wale (more than 4,700 Google reviews) situated behind Ganpati Plaza, M. I. (Mirza Ismail) road in Jaipur (Rajasthan).

Gulab Ji Chai Wale is not an ordinary tea stall in Jaipur. It is a very small shop with a huge fan following. It is also a good meeting point for the morning walkers. A big open area to chit-chat. Crowded but the sitting arrangement is ample. Hardly any tea lover in Jaipur does not know about Gulab Ji’s tea shop. This place is so lively early In the morning – mind-boggling.

Timings: 4 am till 10 pm (365 days).

How I reach Gulab Ji Chai Wale from Zostel in Jaipur?

Zostel > Sanganeri Gate – Walking.

Sanganeri Gate > Ganpati Plaza via sharing E-Rickshaw for Rs. 10.

Gulab Ji is no more. Bhanu Pratap his grandson now takes care of the shop.

At 6 am every day they serve around 200 poor/needy people with Chai and at 11 am with Paratha & Sabzi for free of cost.

The oldest tea point has various options for chai & snacking in Jaipur. Operational since India’s independence. 75 years and continuing.

For a one-time experience, you should definitely visit. Fantastic open ambiance place for tea and get-together especially for all generations.

As per my experience, I found the tea a natural tea without any added flavors. A blissful cup of tea I had.

Though the place was crowded, my tea was served within minutes. Appreciated!!!

This should be one of the must-visit places in any traveler’s Jaipur itinerary.

Overall experience was good. Late Gulab Ji – The legend for sure.

Decades ago when Gulab Ji decided to open a tea shop, he was discouraged by his family members because he was from a Rajput family, thus, the idea of selling tea was considered a low-profile work. But now a true Jaipur heritage.

You are paying for the legacy if you visit. Many big newspapers and travel/food bloggers have written about Gulab Ji’s tea shop and now I am one of them. I am impressed.

Lassiwala (Original & Oldest in Jaipur) – Serving Lassi Since Pre-Independence (1944)

Lassiwala (Original) is just outside of M. I. (Mirza Ismail) road Sub Post Office.

Ashok Agarwal’s (current owner) grandfather Kishan Lal Agarwal started this Lassi shop 78 years ago.

It is the most famous Lassi shop in Jaipur. 312 is the shop number.

Whenever I open my eyes after a night’s sound sleep, I open my shop with a fresh mind – said, Ashok Agarwal.

Approx. 6/6:15 morning is the opening time and 4 pm is the closing time. 7 days open.

We add no water while making lassi. It is curd and sugar – that’s it. Curd is prepared from Buffalo milk.

Rs. 35 for Regular Kulhad (clay) Glass and Rs. 70 for Large Kulhad Glass.

Mukesh Ambani – Once the richest Asian industrialist had Lassi here while sitting inside his car.

I too visited this Lassi shop after reading more than 3,500 Google reviews. It was crowded at 7 am. Worth the hype.

The lassi is churned in the Matka pot in front of us.

We also requested two Large Kulhad Glass Sweet Lassi.

Note: They also serve Salty Lassi.

The upper layer of Sweet Lassi has thick fresh cream (malai) on it – The icing on the cake.

Gulped the creamiest Lassi. Loved the taste. Lip-smacking & Authentic. And also added earthy flavor to lassi due to Kulhad.

Eco-friendly. Traditional, Refreshing Lassi. The best Lassi I had in Jaipur. The perfect thickness. The taste is unforgettable.

If you haven’t had lassi at Lassiwala (Original) in Jaipur then your tour is incomplete.

The best is, that it is not at all heavy on the tummy.

Touched my soul that’s why another morning I re-visited the second time for Sweet Lassi.

A must-try if you visit the pink city of Rajasthan. An iconic place & Legendary as well.

Read over the internet that many high-profile celebrities and Bollywood actors have also visited the Lassiwala (Original) such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty, Dimple Kapadia, Shobhaa De.

If you don’t want to stand in a queue, you can also order via Zomato. They covered Kulhad using butter paper and thread.

Though Lassi is the most popular in the state of Punjab, I like the Lassi of Jaipur also. One of the best.

About: Ajmeri Gate

Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur (Rajasthan, India)

About - Ajmeri Gate (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)(Translation in English)

This is one of the four gates located in the south of Jaipur, which used to be the main entrance from Ajmer. This gate opens the way to Kishanpol, which used to be the main market for dyeing, printing, and bandhej of clothes. Ajmeri Gate was earlier named Kishanpol Gate which was built by Maharaja Jai ​​Singh II in 1727 and this gate is part of Jaipur Parkote (Old City). Maharaj Jai Singh had built the Parkote for the purpose of security of Jaipur, which in that period saved Jaipur from enemies, bandits, and wild animals. All the gates of Jaipur have been closed for security so that the safety of the citizens of Jaipur can be done.

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