Raipur Bhajiya House – The Oldest and The Best Bhajiyawala in Ahmedabad Town

Recently I tour old city of Ahmedabad and stayed at Heritage House in Khadia locality. Jagdip Mehta is the owner of the Heritage House. We were chatting and discussing about famous food places in Ahmedabad. I was suggested by Jagdip ji to visit Raipur Bhajiya House situated at Raipur Darwaja approx. 1 km from his heritage house.

Immediately I search the location in google navigation map but was unable to find it. So I decided to hire an auto and visit Raipur Darwaja. Rs. 20 I paid auto fare and reached Raipur Darwaja within minutes. Before leaving auto I asked auto wala where is Raipur Bhajiya House?

He smiled and said you want to eat Bhajiya? There is the shop – he showed. Raipur Bhajiya House is situated almost at Raipur Darwaja. They have two shops – one that prepares bhajiya and another shop that sale bhajiya.

There was queue to purchase bhajiya. I joined the queue but before joining I clicked bhajiyas photo.

bhajiya and khaman at Raipur Bhajiya House at Raipur Darwaja, Ahmedabad

After 10 minutes I was in front of the man selling bhajiya. How much for bhajiya – I question. Rs. 20 for 100 grams and Rs. 200 for a kilogram. I paid him 20 rupees to have 100 grams of bhajiya.

He gave me three types of bhajiyas – batatavada, methi bhajiya and bhajiya with slice of batata.

I question him – how old is the shop?

He said – 70 to 80 years old.

And whats the timings for shop opening and closing?

He said – 9 am is the opening time and late night at 1 am is the closing time.

Thank you – said I and start eating bhajiyas.

Delicious, fresh and hot served. They don’t serve any chutney or sauce but without chutney or sauce still it is mouth-watering. Worth with money and quantity and taste. It is said – they serve the same taste since many years.

After finishing hot bhajiyas I clicked one more photo of the shop.

Raipur Bhajiya House, Raipur Darwaja, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Raipur Bhajiya House

Now I was started walking towards Heritage House. After 10 or 15 minutes I reached Heritage House. Everybody in the house ask me – how was the bhajiyas? I said – very good. Jagdip’s ji father further enhanced my knowledge by saying – Earlier there were 100 mills in Ahmedabad and was called Manchester of India. There was different working shifts for workers. Workers used to visit Raipur Bhajiya House during day and late night to have bhajiyas. That makes the shop more famous.

Upon reaching Mumbai house I searched internet more to know more about Raipur Bhajiya House. I got the following information:

Raipur Bhajiya House was establised in 1933 i.e., 87 years old shop. Gujarat first chief minister, Jivraj Mehta, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are some of its most famous clientele. No onion-garlic in bhajiyas. Raipur Bhajiya still doesn’t have any branches, home delivery facility, or online sale. 24x7x365 open.

So, go and try the mouth-watering bhajiya and take those with you who don’t know about it. You will also find KHAMAN (Dhokla) there. Enjoy.

Aaswad – One of The Best Marathi Restaurant in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aaswad Restaurant, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Aaswad Restaurant
MahaShivratri Fasting Menu at Aaswad Restaurant
MahaShivratri Fasting Menu
Aaswad Menu Card
Aaswad Menu Card
Modak with Pure Ghee at Aaswad Restaurant
Modak with Pure Ghee
Vegetarian Food at Aaswad Restaurant
Vegetarian Food
Gulab Jamun and Gajar Halwa at Aaswad Restaurant
Gulab Jamun and Gajar Halwa
Aaswad Restaurant

I was searching google to find “Best Marathi Restaurant in Mumbai” and Aaswad restaurant was one of the google result. More than seven thousand reviews enough to convince me to visit Aaswad restaurant. But this time I thought why not invite few of my marathi friends to join too so that menu order selected by them only.

We were five friends at Prabhadevi West. Two were marathi. We didn’t know the exact location of the restaurant. We hired two taxis. Luckily, taxi wala was aware of the restaurant location. He enhanced our knowledge by saying that Aaswad was earlier near to ShivSena Bhavan in Dadar.

We reached restaurant within 10 minutes. 30 rupees was each taxi bill. Paid and we crossed the road to reach Aaswad.

There was crowd outside the restaurant. People were waiting for their number to enter restaurant to have their seats. We too approached the man who was writing queue number. Half an hour we had to wait and finally we enter.

The first order was Modak by our marathi friends. Modak was served with pure ghee. It was awesome.

Pithale Bhaji Bhakari, Bhakari, Masala Rice, Dalimbi Usal – The menu requested again by our marathi friends. Taste of the food was too good. Very less spicy with added spices. The aroma of spices was great. It taste good. I like marathi food specially because of spices.

After lunch I requested for gajar halwa and one of marathi friend requested for gulab jamun.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the lunch. It was time to pay the bill. I requested for bill and was surprised by the total amount when bill was presented. Only Rs. 916. We were five people that means Rs. 183.20 per head. Nothing I can say the total amount. To be honest I can say the restaurant is one of the cheapest and best in Mumbai. Will visit again for sure to try different menu but in-short what surprise me the total bill amount. Very cheap and best.

You can also visit Aaswad restaurant from Dadar west local train station. Its 10 minutes walking distance. Reach Dadar west then walk towards Kabutarkhana and then towards the church. Its 2 minutes walking distance from church.


Banana Leaf at Juhu Versova Link Road, Mumbai – Restaurant Review

It was Sunday morning, around 11 am and I decided to visit Banana Leaf at Juhu Versova Link Road in Mumbai. It was not crowded. Seat was easily available.

While going through the menu I found more than 30 varieties of Dosa, more than 20 varieties of Idli and more than 20 varieties of Uttappam. Other than this they have Soup, South Indian Snacks, Rice Plate, Vegetable Dishes, Mini Meal, Hot and Cold Beverages and more than 30 types of juices.

I was confused which one to order. Finally I order Methi Garlic Dosa and Pineapple Lime Cooler juice. Methi Garlic Dosa was Ok Ok but juice was good one.

The ambience was descent. Service was quick.

I paid Rs. 160 for Methi Garlic Dosa and Rs. 135 for Pineapple Lime Cooler. Total  I paid – Rs. 349.

I think I should visit it again and try some Idlis or any other variety of Dosa to come to a conclusion how good the food is.

Global Fusion at Versova, Andheri West – Mumbai Restaurant Review

We three decided to try Global Fusion at Versova for lunch. It was 3:30 pm, they have closed the new entries because at 4:00 pm they close the restaurant for lunch. Upon request entry was given. The moment I enter the restaurant I like the ambience and the dim lights. Each table is big and secluded. Though it was crowded but I don’t feel the rush. The restaurant is quite big with multiple sections.

The amount of food around makes me crazy. It is like – sea of dishes.

It has widest range of starters – veg. and non-veg and serving buffet for lunch. You can choose the starters you like and pick up slips. Hand it over to waiter. Hot starters will be at your table.

Starters are the major ones and main course is a small part.

You have to enter the restaurant with empty stomach to enjoy sea of dishes and food.

Taste wise I like the starters more and moong dal halwa as dessert. It was like icing on the cake.

The service is fast. Would visit again.

The restaurant is situated almost behind Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

How much we paid for three of us?

Rs. 2038 only. Definitely value for money.

Pratap The Dhaba, Oshiwara, Andheri West – Review

We decided to have dinner at Pratap The Dhaba on a rainy day to enjoy proper Punjabi food with proper Dhaba ambience.

Firstly we were served fried masala garlic and onions which were great in taste. And then we were welcome with a shot of pudina jaljira which was very tasty.

Starters we ordered Achari Tandoori Kukkad and Paneer Pudina Wala.

After starters next we order was Dhaba Spl. Chicken, Sarson Da Sag, Makke Di Roti and Garlic Naan.

Service was prompt. They don’t make you wait for too long.

Dessert we requested for Jalebi & Rabri and Kheer.

While we pay the bill we enjoy the complementary paan shots to enhance our dinning experience.

The dinner for three of us cost Rs. 2356 including tax.

The X factor of this dhaba is Welcome Drink.

Overall excellent dhaba with quick service, good food and not so costly.
A must visit dhaba for punjabi food.

How much does it Cost to have Dinner at Mainland China in Andheri(W), Mumbai?

We were three. Two were Non-Veg. and One Veg. The dinner cost us 3654 (with taxes) rupees. A little expensive.

We order Chicken regular, Drums of Heaven Hong Kong Style, Exotic Veg. in Chilli Basil SC in Clay Pot, Mixed Veg. Fried Rice, Salt Pepper Veg Tempura, Soup Eight Treasure Veg., Soup Hot & Sour Chicken.

Dessert we had Sizz. Brownie with Ice Cream.

Chicken was perfect. It was soft and cooked well.

Ambience nice but service little slow. Food Is Perfectly Cooked. The Flavors Are Balanced. Staff Is Friendly.

Note: If its your birthday a guitarist along with the staff sings the birthday song.

Before visiting we enquire about seat availability. It was full. We had half an hour waiting time. Weekend is crowded. Enquire about seat availability before visiting.

Will visit again but for afternoon buffet.