Review: Vikram Pendse Cycles Pvt. Museum – A Hidden Gem

Vikram Pendse Cycles Pvt. Museum is situated on a quiet road in Pune‘s Karvenagar. I and a friend from Pune recently visited Vikram Pendse Cycles Pvt. Museum and the experience were amazing. As soon as we entered the gate, we felt that we were in a different paradise. The three-storey museum is a hidden gem in Pune.

It is strongly recommended that everyone should visit this private museum at least once. It is dedicated to bicycles and other things that take you back to your childhood. This is a unique place worth visiting in Pune. Vikram Pendse has settled this world of bicycles in his beautiful bungalow. It offers a fascinating glimpse of history. This is a good place for bicycle lovers. Overall our experience was excellent.

This private museum displays a vast personal collection of bicycles, which was acquired by owner Vikram Pendse, and brought to life by his friend Pandurang Gaikwad. Pendse and his family maintain and fund the museum.

The museum displays a collection of over 150 vintage bicycles, 1940s/1960s tricycles and 1950s pedal cars and various bicycle spare parts and accessories such as tyres, gears, seats, air pumps, bicycle reflectors, bicycle lamps etc.

Cycles from brands like 1914 Golden Sunbeam from England, 1924 Royal Enfield bicycle, foldable 1940 paratrooping battle cycle from England may surprise you. Bicycles are fitted with tags indicating the manufacturing company, year of manufacture and country. Wonderful!

This place is a must visit for anyone interested in antiques. It includes old ceiling fans, table fans, old bottle openers, old cigarette lighters, old cigarettes, old ashtrays, Hip Flask-Liquor Flask, old light switches, 1950 Bioscope from England etc. etc.

It also displays a wide range of old household from 1953 Tilley Kerosene Iron from England, 1946 Ferranti Radio from England, 1950 Gritzner Hand Sewing Machine from Germany, 1920 Remington typewriter from USA, 1909 Lock, 1935 Kerosene Lamp, 1910 Tiffin Carrier with Heater, 1940 Paddle Buttermilk Churner from USA, 1905 Edison’s Standard Phonograph from USA, 1930 Kerosene Stove & Oven from England, 1940 Weighing Scale from England etc. etc.

Vikram Pendse Cycle Private Museum is a journey into the past.

All the collections are very neatly organized. Even if you have no interest in these antiques, just visit to see how beautifully this place has been organized and maintained. It is a must see for connoisseurs. Should go.

Few old vintage cars, motorcycles and Kolkata’s Hand-Pulled Rickshaws are displayed on the ground floor.

Photography is not allowed, yet I requested the lady and she granted permission. I took only a few pictures of the bicycles.

Hats off to Mr. Pendse for managing such a huge collection and displaying it for the public.

Timings: 11 AM – 6:30 PM (Saturday and Sunday) and Entry Fee: Rs. 100 per visitor. Parking is available.

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