Rangnath Temple (Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh) – Also Known as Sri Rangji Mandir Constructed in the Year 1851

Rangnath Temple, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Friends you all know by previous posts Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra was over but the visit to various temples before the yatra and sharing history isn’t over yet. Today will share about one such temple I visited – Rang Nath Temple also known as Sri Rangji Mandir.

Ram Krishna – the friend – The guide. We enter temple-area from the western gate (market-area) but one more Eastern side gate – He said.

The main temple covered by high-raised walls from all sides and us walking outside the wall-area.

These are Tirumali and he pointed towards left-hand side structures.

Tirumali ??? – I question.

Yes, Tirumali i.e., Home. They are 108 in numbers but only for Southern Indian Brahmans takes care of the temple. Each one having one water-well.

(A thought – must be some reason for sure in olden days and till-date continuing)

The temple is built in South Indian style but the entrance is in Rajasthani style. The temple-area the largest within Vrindavan having endowment of 12 villages from surrounding areas – He said.

And we reached A pond (visible within below shown picture). Rakshabandhan day and an old story about Elephant and Crocodile fight held years ago at Sonepur, Bihar is displayed through various art forms within the pond.

A garden inside the temple-area. It is believed Goddess Goda visit garden to pluck flowers to offer garland to Lord.

Barahdwari i.e., twelve poles platforms beautiful architecture and few devotees resting. Few ceremonies are also celebrated.

A gold plated 50 feet high Garud Stambha and walk inside the temple – Prayers & Parikrama and a visit towards Vahan Ghar i.e., place where all divine gold/silver vahans (conveyance) displayed used during Brahmotsav held in Chaitra (March/April).

And not to forget huge old days maybe handmade padlocks just outside the main temple door for closing doors.

Ram Krishna said: 60 kg the padlock weight and very old. Yes, for sure, why not – said I. Never seen before.

Sandalwood for Lord – Ram Krishna showing the pious location and Yagyashala and Vaikunth Dwar and many more…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – said I.

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