Tea Centre – Serving One of The Best Tea in Mumbai

Maharani of Darjeeling, Maharaja of Darjeeling, Vintage Green Tea, White Tea, Rose Tea, Kulhad Masala Chai, Almond Tea, Irish Tea, Spicy Tea, Pudina Chai, Lemon Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, English Afternoon Tea, Blood Orange Tea, Mango Tea, Hot Buttered Apple Tea, Cherry Tea and more.. Almost endless menu specially about Tea.

So many names/types of tea. Never knew. Knowledge enhanced. Thanks to Tea Centre situated near Churchgate Railway Station (next to Vodafone Store/behind chowk bus stop) in Mumbai.

Which one to choose? I requested them to serve a cup of tea which is the most or one of the most popular among most of the visitors.

Hot Buttered Apple Tea was served after 10 mins. With the first sip I was 110% sure, it is one of the best for sure. Delightful to tongue. Tough to express it via writing but yes, the desire to have more was there even after finishing kettle. The ambiance around is too good to relax to have a cup of tea. The restaurant was almost full in the afternoon.

How much I paid?

Rs. 166 including taxes but let me tell you the kettle served was maybe for two people.

In short if you are thinking of tea or something different visit Tea Centre, Churchgate, Mumbai.

Upon query Alok – The supervisor enhanced knowledge:

It was opened in 1949 by Tea Board to promote tea. Not only tea, they also serve continental food.

And Not to forget good quotes around to read such as:

‘Tea is a cup of life.’

‘Kissing is like drinking tea with a tea strainer, you can never get enough.’

If you are cold; tea will warm you,

If you are too heated; it will cool you,

If you are depressed; it will cheer you,

It you are excited, it will calm you.

Timings: 8:30 am – 10:30 pm

7 days open except 26 January, 15th August and 2nd October.


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