Rameshwar Mahadev Cave Temple and Waterfall, Bundi, Rajasthan

As I read Bundi excursions mentioned within Rajasthan Tourism brochure the curiosity to visit Rameshwar was created for sure.

Rameshwar is a cave temple of Lord Shiva approx. 16+ km distance from Bundi also famous for natural waterfall.

Though it was not rainy season but Ashok ji – The guide and I by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike reached cave temple via Banganga (Kedareshwar Dham), Dalelpura Chowk, Akoda Chouraha. The temple is surrounded by Aravalli ranges from three sides very natural pleasant to watch. One has to climb steps to reach cave but on the way lots of Langurs, red face monkeys.

Satyanarayan ji – The temple priest was near the cave area. Upon query he narrated:

Rameshwar Mahadev is a swayambhu idol within a cave discovered approx. 500 years back by a priest from Baghera village (near Kekri, Rajasthan). Since then devotees started visiting for prayers, offerings.

Amawas (new moon) ki Chaudas (14th day), Poonam (full moon) ki Chaudas, Shivratri is the time for festival.

As we step forward for prayers the priest showed us Panchmukhi Rameshwar Mahadev.

After prayers and offerings as we walk further Ashok ji requested to stop and requested to enter one hand inside a rock. Something like milk-secreting organ of female cattle naturally formed inside a rock – said I.

Yes confirmed Ashok ji.

Waterfall – but little because of winter season maybe. Please visit Bundi and Rameshwar Mahadev during rainy season – said Ashok ji.

Ok – said I.

Age-old cave – it is said many saints had spiritual power, enlightenment within this cave and even today many people have seen spiritual powers existence. There is a Dhuni outside the cave where fire is seen sometimes even today. A display board – contact Pandit Ramdayal Joshi, Akoda wale for full information about this location.

Prayers and we proceed towards a banyan tree where we saw a saint along with followers seated close to firewood. He is Ram Charan Das ji staying at Rameshwar Mahadev for past 11 years. He offered us tea made upon wood which was excellent in taste.

Thank you – said I.

As we talk he said: Can you see the bargad (banyan) tree just behind. Yes – said I. Below that bargad tree Khaki ji maharaj of Digambar Akhara, Ayodhya meditated for years. It is about 100-150 years back history when English were the rulers. Later Kishan Das ji maharaj arrived as you can see his statue is there. He did the first yagya within this area. Earlier days to reach Rameshwar Mahadev there was rocky path and dense jungle close to main cave but later stairs was made by him only with the help of devotees donation. Then Narain Das ji arrived who recently three months back left for heavenly abode. A chhatri is in the name of Narain Das ji can be seen also. Radha Krishna mandir, Narsingh Mandir, Hanuman mandir are made by Narain Das ji. He meditated here for 30-35 years and now I am here.

  • Panch Tatva Adam Sareera
  • Manushya Janam Moksha Ka Dwara
  • Ishwar Ansh Jeev Avinashi Chetan Amal Sahaj Sukh Rashi


And few more doha, chaupai, talks with Ram Charan Das ji and finally we walking towards parking with a wish to visit again during rainy season.


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    Excellent narration Tusharji. Images could have added value to your blog. Bhimlat video is marvelous.
    Just need some information on how to go Rameshwaram mahadev cave if I am coming on bus from chittorgarh.

    With Thanks & Regads,
    Swapnil K.

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