One of The Best Veg Restaurant Near Ajmer Railway Station

During the journey to Ajmer via train, I and a fellow passenger were talking about the journey we did till-date. As they were from Ajmer, I inquired – Any famous food in Ajmer?

Sonhalwa at Badri Prasad Halwai at Madar Gate is one such famous sweet shop for the same.

And Any restaurants around the Ajmer Railway Station?

Again Badri Prasad Halwai was the reply.

Thank you – said I.

Upon arrival at Ajmer Railway Station, I visited the Waiting Room for a bathroom and a bath as I have to catch another train for another destination. Waiting Room was clean somewhat. Next, I thought of depositing luggage in the Cloak Room (Closing Hours: 2 – 2.30 pm / 24 hours open). Rs. 16-/- was charged for one piece of luggage. And then I walk behind Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower towards Madar Gate in search of Badri Prasad Halwai shop. The shop is in the left-hand side corner but was almost closed. The staff was present. Upon query, I was told – the shop is closed for a few days. Upon query about any other good restaurant around, I was guided to visit Jai Hind Restaurant opposite Ajmer Railway Station situated inside a narrow lane adjacent to Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower.

Thank you – said I.

100 meters walk I was inside Jai Hindi Restaurant. Punjabi Rajmah (Rs. 90), Plain Rice (Rs. 60), Onion Salad (Rs. 8) and later Matka Kulfi by Havmor (Rs. 50) was the selection from the menu list. The food was hot, delicious, and maltka kulfi – mouth-watering.

Total I paid – Rs. 208/-. Jai HInd Restaurant Timings: 8 am – 10 pm. The restaurant also serves Dosa, Thali, Coffee, Ice-creams, etc., etc. Paneer items are their specialty – The waiter said. In short what I want to say is: With the help of locals, I found a good-quality vegetarian restaurant near Ajmer Railway Station. You may visit too. Just 5 minutes walk from the Railway Station.