Names of Ghats around Holy Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan

View of Pushkar Lake from Savitri Temple, Rajasthan

I ask few friends at Pushkar: Do you know names of 52 ghats around holy Pushkar Lake?

NO was the reply. I ask few unknown people, the reply was same. Finally, I decided to walk around Pushkar lake (outer circle) to know.

At the entrance of ghats, there is a gate with the name mentioned. How many I was able to find I am sharing with you. Yes, maybe I have miss few I agree but it is sure I was unable to know 52 ghats names. There are ghats names also mentioned within inner circle walls around Pushkar Lake. Maybe if I walk again, I will be able to know all 52 ghats names. Anyways, below is what I find while walking around Pushkar Lake (outer circle).

  1. Varah Ghat
  2. Jaipur Ghat
  3. Guru Govind Singh Ghat
  4. Saptrishi Ghat
  5. Shiva Ghat
  6. Jodhpur Ghat
  7. Veer Gurjar Ghat
  8. Shree Tantu Vai Vaishya Ghat
  9. Chauri Pedi Ghat
  10. Tarni Ghat
  11. Bengali Ghat
  12. Brahma Ghat
  13. Mahirishi Dadhichi Ghat
  14. Yagya Ghat
  15. Cheek Mata Ghat
  16. Gau Ghat
  17. Cheer Ghat
  18. Ram Ghat
  19. Gangaur Ghat
  20. Badri Ghat
  21. Vishram Ghat
  22. Narsing Ghat
  23. Kurmanchal Ghat
  24. Namdev Vithal Ghat
  25. Holkar Ghat

The above list is incomplete. And I was at Pushkar again. Walking again (inner circle) to know more.

1. Banshi Ghat

2. Mhadev Ghat

3. Chandra Ghat

4. Indra Ghat

5. Gwalior Ghat

6. Bangla Ghat

7. Vallabh Ghat

8. Rajbohra Ghat

9. Kalyan Ghat

10. Karni Ghat

11. Parshuram Ghat

12. Savitri Ghat

13. Hada Ghat

14. Amarnath Ghat

15. Regraan Ghat

16. Janana Ghat

17. Nagar Ghat

18. Jagannath Ghat

19. Ram Ghat

20. Mukti Ghat

21. Gangoor Ghat

22. Asthal Ghat

23. Palika Ghat

I have excluded 25 ghats (outer circle) names within 23 (inner circle) because it is mentioned earlier. Finally 48 ghats of Pushkar Lake out of 52 ghats – knowledge enhanced. Four ghats names yet to know. Please share if you know. Thank you.

(The photo was taken from the steps of Savitri Temple, Pushkar, Rajasthan)

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