Kartik Swami Temple, Kanak Chauri Village, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

Kartik Swami Temple, Kanak Chauri Village, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

History of Kartik Swami temple as narrated by priest Nand Puri ji –

Once Lord Shiva told his sons Ganesha and Kartikeya whoever reach first after taking a round of Universe will receive blessings to be worship first by devotees. As Ganesha was unable to do so because of mouse his vehicle he used his intelligence and took a round of his mother Parvati and father Shiva as he consider them as Universe and had blessings to worship first by devotees. When Kartikeya returned and heard about blessings and the reason for the same he was angry. He scarified his flesh and bones. In this temple bones of Kartikeya is as an idol worship by devotees.

Kartik (also known as Kartikeya) Swami temple is situated at Krounch Parvat (mountain). Krounch was a senapati (commander) with demon Tarakasur army. Kartikeya was born to kill Tarakasur. When Tarakasur was killed Krounch surrender.

Jeth Maas (June month) as per Hindu calendar 10 days festival is celebrated at Kartik Swami temple. This year it is starting from 6th of June and will end on 15th June. Last day of festival 151 devotees wearing white dhoti bring holy water (known as Jal Yatra) from a cave situated approx. 1 km further from temple.

Note: Visitors are advised not  to visit the cave due to strenuous trek route.

The construction around temple is of 1836 though the temple is very old situated at an altitude of 3048 meters. Earlier it was very difficult to reach temple. Recent years approx. 70+ stairs are made and work still in-progress.

Re.: accommodation

One may stay at a dharamshala nearby temple having very basic facilities without electricity.


Mayadeep Holiday Home, Kanak Chauri village – starting point of trek.

How to reach Kanak Chauri village (Kartik Swami temple)? – I question because many aren’t traveling by own vehicle.

8 am to 4 pm mini bus is available every one hour from Pipal tree, Rudraprayag town for *Pokhari passing via Kanak Chauri village.

*Pokhari is 15 km approx. further from Kanak Chauri village


One has to hire a jeep to reach temple which may cost somewhere between Rs. 1500 – 2000 to and fro.

Thank you – said I. Thanks a lot. Donation offered.

Rudraprayag to Kanak Chauri village is 38 km and 2.5 km easy trek to reach Kartik Swami temple.

We started our journey from Tapovan, Rishikesh by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350 motorbike.

7:15 am Tapovan, Rishikesh > 7:36 am Shivpuri (16 km)

At Shivpuri stop for Rs. 500 petrol for motorbike (Rs. 74.72 per litre).

Shivpuri > 9:00 am Teen Dhara (45 km)

Teen Dhara for delicious Aaloo Parathas (five we had) along with tea as breakfast. Rs. 90 I paid.

Teen Dhara > 9:55 am Devprayag (9 km)

Devprayag > 11:40 am Dhari Devi Temple (53 km)

Weather was too hot. We had a halt for Limca (Rs. 18/-).

Dhari Devi Temple > 12:40 Noon Rudraprayag (20 km)

At Rudrapayag we turn left to cross iron bridge over Alaknanda river and immediate right turn towards Pokhari.

Rudraprayag > 2:15 pm Kanak Chauri village (38 km)

Rudraprayag to Kanak Chauri village beautiful drive via Hamlets, far visible snow capped mountains, Burans and Kafal trees.

Motorbike was parked. We immediately started trekking. Almost empty trek surrounded by dense jungle but yes, birds present.

3:30 pm we reached Kartik Swami temple.

It was a cloudy day but still behind/around the temple one can watch snow capped Chaukhamba, Tungnath, Bedini Bugyal.

As I liked the temple and nature around I decided to re-visit. And I did to watch Sunrise. I started trekking at 4:30 am with a local villager as the trek route was complete dark. Though there were clouds but a glimpse of Sunrise was seen. All I can suggest to blog readers to visit Kartik Swami temple at least once specially during Sunrise.

Tapovan, Rishikesh to Kanak Chauri village (Kartik Swami temple) distance is approx. 181 km.

Total journey hours by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike 7 hours and one hour trek.

Road condition almost fine except at few landslide location. For example few km after crossing Srinagar.

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