Naval Aviation Museum, Bogmalo Road, Vasco da Gama

Naval Aviation Museum, Bogmalo Road, Vasco da Gama (Goa, India)

Naval Aviation Museum is situated at Bogmalo Road, Vasco da Gama in Mormugoa taluka of South Goa district – approx. 4 km from Dabolim airport is a location that talks about Naval Aviation history and displays Aircraft, Helicopters, etc., etc. As two of our family members were/are within the army the curiosity was present to visit to aware self about a subject which as a civilian I know a little maybe. I am finally on a drive.

36 km from Panjim via crossing St. Lawrence Agassaim chowk (NH 17) passing close to Goa Airport finally I was at Museum.

– Implanted on 12th October 1998

Rs. 20 per person – The ticket and Rs. 20 extra if carrying a digital normal camera.

The outdoor section and the indoor gallery. The gallery is divided into various rooms displaying guns, Aircraft Rocket, Radar, Sensors, ejection seats, life-saving equipment and talks about The History of Naval Aviation.

– In 1947, a 10-year plan was prepared by the National Head Quarters envisaged two fleets with two light carriers

– In March 1949, 10 officers were sent to the United Kingdom for pilot training

– In February 1953, the first batch of Sealand aircraft joined

– In 1953, four pilots were awarded wings by IAF

– In 1956 it was decided the Navy should have an aircraft carrier for coastline defense

– Sagar Pawan – Indian Navy aerobatic team is one of the only two naval aerobatic teams in the world

– Tail-hookers made their beginning in the Indian Navy in the year 1960

And many more…

Timings: 10 am – 5 pm (all days)

Monday closed

The knowledge enhanced – better than before.

And read somewhere – no amount of condolence will be able to compensate kith and kin of those killed during the War. May the soul rest in peace and no war anywhere.

Peace with Love – definitely.

Gandhi Ji said: I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.

Naval Aviation Museum is worth a visit to know the history of Naval Aviation, technology of aircraft, and its equipment since independence till recent years. And not to forget close-look of various aircraft/helicopters/radar such as Alize – Three Seater Aircraft, FireFly – Two Seater Aircraft, Hughes – Two Seater Light Helicopter, Seahawk – A Single Seat Carrier Borne Ground Attack Fighter and many more…