Khaja – Traditional Snack of Silao (Bihar)

Khaja - Traditional Snack of Silao (Bihar)

Silao is a small town situated between Rajgir and Nalanda famous for Khaja – available sweet as well as salty. Personal favorite is salty one good with tea as snack. We stop while returning from Nalanda to purchase 250 kg of Khaja.

Cost – Rs. 100 per Kg no matter sweet or salty one. It is made of maida (wheat-flour).

The driver of the cab shared a memory from his childhood days. During school his teacher often brings Khaja in school and asks students – What is this? Children reply was – Khaja i.e., in English eat it. So he ate and share smile while saying – you said Khaja, so I ate it. Funny, isn’t it?

All I say – if you are passing, try to taste the traditional snack – Khaja of Silao. It is good specially salty one.

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