Brief History of Mirabai and Rao Dudagarh (Merta, Rajasthan)

Rao Dudagarh was built in 15th century. Earlier Court, Central Jail, School were part of the same but now a days one can visit to know life of Meera Bai from birth till her visit to Dwarka presented through various art, photographs, Idols, sketches etc.

Meera Bai was born in the year 1504 (samwat 1561) and was married at the age of 13 in the year 1516 (samwat 1573). She was the great granddaughter of Rao Jodha – The founder of Jodhpur, Rao Duda – founder of Merta granddaughter and was the daughter of Kuwar Ratansingh. She was married to Kuwar Bhojraj, eldest son of Rana Sanga – The king of Chittorgarh. After seven years of marriage her husband Kuwar Bhojraj died. After that Meera left Chittorgarh and went to Pushkar, Merta and Vrindavan. She did Kirtan under guidance of Sant Haridas – guru of Tansen. At the age of 48 years she disappeared into the idol of Lord Krishna at Dwarka. At present there is a Meera Bai temple on the banks of Gomti river at Dwarka.

And lots more to know about Meera Bai, Narsi Mehta, Sant Jambhoji. I am happy history is well preserved and displayed at the Panorama. Thank you to the people associated with the same. Thanks a lot. I was told two days within a month Kirtan is organized within the temple and  a thought to visit to be a part of the same. Those two days in a month are known as Agyaras or Ekadashi.

And I saw white mouse at Meera Bai Smarak, Rao Dudagarh. Never saw that – The first time since birth. Another visit to temple again before I leave for Pushkar and dohas all around the temple area. I wish I was able to understand the meaning. As the temple was close priest was not there. Maybe next visit will try to understand what is the meaning of written dohas.

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