Jai Vilas Palace – Built in the Year 1940

Jai Vilas Palace, Jawhar (Maharashtra, India)

Jai Vilas Palace is situated at Jawhar in the Palghar District of Maharashtra.

Suraj – The caretaker and I walking. Upon request, he narrated About Jai Vilas Palace.

Raja (King) Shri Yashwantrao Mukne built Jai Vilas Palace here at Jawhar having 30 large-size rooms in the year 1940. The King was a trained pilot and was deeply interested in paintings. Beautiful paintings hanging within the palace were drawn by him. Old chandeliers, Telescope, a Piano, a dressing table, and a lavish double bed were part of King’s lifestyle. Impala – The King’s car photograph displayed. Cannon Gun/s are present at the entrance below the portico. He had one son. Modern-day bathroom and toy room within the palace specially made for the son. Cashew nut trees are grown all around the palace within 500 acres of land. March, April, and May are the cashew nut season. Mahindra Singh Mukne grandson of the King stays in Pune but visits the palace regularly.

And a walk within the cashew nut garden.

1. Flower 2. Fruit 3. Seed – cashew-nut tree products.

What we eat is seed i.e., cashew nut.

A new knowledge. And yes, thanks for the tour, Suraj – said I.