Entrance/Camping/Filming Fees at Deoria Tal

Entrance, Camping, Filming Fees at Deoria Tal, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India

Important Notice
All the tourists entering the protected area Deoria Tal/Chopta will have to pay the Entry, Camping, and Filming fee as follows:
1. Entry Fee Per Person 150/600
2. For Each Additional Day 50/250
3. Professional Digital/Video 500/1500
4. Filming Feature Films Daily 10,000/20,000
5. Camping Small Tent Per Day 50/100
Tourists Own Medium Tent Per Day 100/200
Tourists Own Big Tent Per Day 500/1,000
Tourists Own Kitchen Tent Per Day 100/200
Tourists Own Meeting Tent Per Day 50/100
6. No Charge for Non-Commercial Cameras
7. Put the Garbage in the Dustbin only/Take it Back
8. Bathing in the Pond is Strictly Prohibited
9. Rooms Available

With Permission
Park Conservator
Kedarnath Wildlife Division, Gopeshwar