Deoria Tal – Lake of the Gods

Deoria Tal – Lake of the Gods

I started Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350 motorbike from Rudraprayag at 9:15 am. Rs. 200 petrol (Rs. 75.59 per liter) was filled into the tank at Rudraprayag to continue the journey. After 40 km of driving, we were at Kund. It was 10:50 am.

Road condition from Rudraprayag to Kund is very good. Recently pitch road was re-laid and work is in progress.

At Kund, there are two roads. The left one goes to Kedarnath crossing via the iron bridge and straight towards Ukhimath.

We followed Ukhimath Road which is good except few patches due to landslides.

After driving straight for 17.5 km at 11:30 am we were at a turning point. Turn left for Sari Village – the starting point of Deoria Tal.

Another 2.5 km drive. At 12 noon we were at Sari village welcomed by Heera Singh Negi, 58 years old born and brought up at Sari village, and now the owner of Tourist Nature Camp Stay and also running a grocery shop and a homestay.

Rudrapyag Town to Sari Village (starting point of Deoria Tal Trek) is approx. 60 km.

Rudraprayag Town to Sari Village (starting point of Deoria Tal Trek) is 3 hours total travel time by motorbike.

Few talks about the pleasant journey, last year’s Kedarnath tragedy, and the History of Deoria Tal:

During exile in the forests, the Pandava brothers reached a location at night where there was no water. Animals were thirsty and searching for water. Thus, the brothers requested Yudhishtir to do something. Yudhishtir prayed to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared and drop water from his Kamandal. Lake was formed known as Deorial Tal.

It is also said during the ending years of exile in the forest Pandava brothers reached here to quench their thirst. But they were warned by a Yakshya present in the form of a Crane to first answer all his questions before quenching their thirst. The warning was ignored by the four brothers and they drink water. Immediately they died. Only Yudhishtir answered all the questions and was allowed by Yakshya to drink water and was also asked which two brothers he wanted to be alive. Yudhishtir requested for Nakul and Sahdev as they were not from the same mother and what will he reply to their mother after reaching home. This request pleased Yakshya. He gave back life to all his brothers.

Deoria Tal’s story is also related to Nag (snake) Devta whose cave known as Nag Gufa is at Sari Village.

As all these stories revolved around Devta thus the lake is named as Deoria Tal – Lake of Gods.

Thank you, Negi Ji – said I. Lunch was served – Garhwali dish. Very tasty.

Another question if not traveling by own vehicle:

How to reach Sari Village from Rudraprayag Town by Public Transport?

Buses are available at Pipal tree, Rudraprayag for Ukhimath. At Ukhimath bus or jeep service is there for Sari Village.

Or, one may reach Kund by bus or jeep going to Kedarnath. At Kund, the bus or jeep is available for Ukhimath or Sari Village.

Thanks again. Very useful information for travelers and devotees.

At 2:25 pm we started trekking for Deoria Tal. 3:30 pm we reached. Few makeshift shops and staying options at the entrance.

2 km approx. easy trekking. 40 minutes to one hour trekking time depending upon one’s fitness as well as how many times you stop to watch nature, mountains, the valley around, and photography as well. A must-visit location for sure at least once.

Deoria Tal is a location to be felt by visiting instead of conveying via words – all I can say. Maybe will visit again.

Please note: Negi warned – Deoria Tal is very deep. It is said if someone falls into the lake and drowned only after one month body is recovered. Enough to prove how deep it is. Do not swim or enter.

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