My Cheapest Travel to Hampi from Hospet Railway Station

My Cheapest Travel to Hampi from Hospet Railway Station

Hubli Tirupati Fast Passenger reached Hospet railway station at 10 morning hours. And the question – How to reach Hampi from Hospet Railway Station (though autos were there outside the station)?

Actually, in reality, the question should be – How to reach *Virupapur Gaddi from Hospet Railway Station?

I saw a bus parked on the left side.

I enquire – where it is going?

The bus conductor said – It is going to JSW Vijayanagar Bus Terminal, Hospet. Where do you want to go?

I said – Hampi.

Please board as you will get another bus for Hampi from the bus terminal.

WoW. Thank you said I. With luggage, I was on the bus.

FYI: Hampi is 14 km from Hospet Railway Station.

Rs. 5 bus fare I paid and within minutes maybe after traveling 2 km approx. I reached JSW Vijayanagar Bus Terminal. The bus conductor directed toward another bus that was going to Hampi. Thank you said I.

Rs. 15/- bus fare from JSW Vijayanagar Bus terminal to Hampi. Nice smooth 30 minutes approx. journey.

How much total amount do I pay from Hospet Railway Station to Hampi by bus?

Rs. 20/- only including luggage. Wow. That is cheap for traveling approx. 14 km by bus but please note during night hours the possibility of bus service is almost zero. Auto is another option to reach Hampi or vice versa.

(If the bus is not parked outside Railway Station sharing autos are available for the bus terminal for Rs. 10/-per passenger)

While returning from Hampi to Hospet Railway Station, I booked an entire auto and paid Rs. 200/- as I was getting late.

Isn’t it cheap to travel via bus? It is especially if the journey is via government bus – I prefer.

* Virupapur Gaddi is another side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River and to reach Hospet via Hampi is the shortest route – only 14 km. Otherwise, one has to travel approx. 40 km via Munirabad > Shivpur Cross which is time-consuming and costly too.

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