New Annapurna Andhra Meals – One of The Best Restaurant in Hospet for Budget Travelers

New Annapurna Andhra Bhojanalaya near JSW Vijayanagar Bus Terminal, Hospet, Karnataka, India

Afternoon hours I was at the backside of the JSW Vijayanagar Bus Terminal building in Hospet and was very hungry. Where to eat was the question though there were many restaurants in Hospet. I inquire with a local shopkeeper.

He questioned: What type of food do you wish to have? North Indian Thali or Traditional?

I said – Traditional.

New Annapurna Andhra Bhojanalaya one of the best restaurants in Hospet, was the recommendation. Thank you – said I.

Five minutes walk we saw New Annapurna Andhra Bhojanalaya on the left side of the road.

We enter. Payment at the counter and a token in return.

No seats. For a few minutes, we have to wait. We saw people having food served on top of a Plantain leaf commonly known as a banana leaf. It was our first experience. Soon we had our seats. One food serving guy requested for token. Provided.

A banana leaf was placed on the top of the table and then a little water was used to clean it. Food was served one by one. The moment I tasted the conclusion – extraordinary. It is Andhra food, and I was loving it. Unlimited it was.

And do you know how much it costs?

Rs. 50/- only and for half – Rs. 40/-.

Timings: 12 – 4 noon / 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm.

One should try traditional food. At least I prefer it though many times I do not remember served food names or what locally it is named what matters most is the deliciousness, variety, and tradition associated with it.

Andhra food is one of the favorites now-onwards for sure. Thank you, guys, that’s all I can say.