An Indian Coracle on Tungabhadra River

An Indian Coracle on Tungabhadra River

It was late evening hours and dark. No motorboat was crossing the Tungabhadra River from the Hampi side to Virupapur Gaddi. A coracle is the only option and the fare is Rs. 50/- per person. Costly? What to do? No other option. Paid. Initially, it feels the fare is costly as per distance covered but once you enter the Indian Coracle boat and the journey continues it is an experience one should love to have. Thoroughly enjoyed.

A coracle is also known as Gampa or Putti in Telugu/Kannada languages.

Knowledge is enhanced by a local person.

Thank you.

FYI: Generally to cross the Tungabhadra River either from Hampi to Virupapur Gaddi or vice versa motorboat fare is Rs. 10/- per person no matter Indian or Foreigner. Two-wheeler if personal you may cross it via motorboat. Rs. 10 for the small vehicle, Rs. 15 for Hero Honda, and for Bullet – Rs. 20 per vehicle.

Note: Hired motor vehicles are not allowed to cross from Virupapur Gaddi to Hampi.

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