Tourist Nature Camp Stay – My Homestay at Sari Village (Deoria Tal)

Tourist Nature Camp Stay – My Homestay at Sari Village (Deoria Tal)

Heera Singh Negi is a 58-year-old gentleman born and brought up at Sari Village near Deoria Tal. He is the owner of Tourist Nature Camp Stay. He welcomed us at his two-room homestay. Though we were not sure about staying still we had a look at rooms. In one room three beds were there with quilts, blankets, and an attached bathroom squat as well as a seat for the toilet. Water is an issue thus drums were filled up with water in advance. The room is clean with basic facilities including electricity.

Heera Singh Negi also runs a grocery shop. The best about him is his everlasting smile and his friendly nature. At lunch, he served us Chausa ki Dal, Chaulai ka Saag, and Mota Chawal – a Traditional Dish of Uttarakhand. It was very very tasty Garhwali food prepared by his wife.

After lunch, he accompanied us to the starting steps of the Deoria Tal trek. He left us with our decision to decide whether we want to stay at home or we want to stay in tents nearby Deorial Tal. Both decisions he welcomed. He said Bhawan Singh is up near Deoria Tal and will help with staying and food.

Thank you – said I.

Upon arrival at Deoria Tal Bhawan Singh welcomed us. Electricity isn’t available at night but do not worry solar lamps are there. Tents, as well as makeshift rooms with attached toilets, are available. Food will be prepared as per request. He showed us a few rooms. As the weather was cloudy and rain was very near we decided to visit Deoria Tal and finally stay at Heera Singh Negi home.

During evening hours after heavy rains more villagers – friends of Heera Singh arrive. Chats and laughs till dinner was served.

Early morning tea was served upon request. And breakfast – Aaloo Paratha with achar and tea. And it was time to leave.

In short overall a very good experience. Homestay especially within a village I always like the most.

How much do homestay and food cost? – I question.

Rs. 1150/- only – said, Heera Singh Negi.

Paid. Thank you once again, Negi Ji.

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