Bhim Patthar (Sari Village) – A Huge Rock to be Used as a Stage

Bhim Patthar, Sari Village, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India

Heera Singh Negi – the owner of Tourist Nature Camp Stay upon the query said yes, there is Bhim Patthar. The next day early morning we walked toward Bhim Patthar. Not too far from Negi’s house. And the History of Bhim Patthar is narrated by Heera Singh Negi as follows:

During exile in the forest, the Pandava brothers were passing via Sari Village at night time to reach Bamsu near Guptkashi where currently Banasura temple is. Bhim was carrying a huge rock to be used as a stage but as they reach this very location it was daytime thus he left the rock there only. Because Bhim was carrying this huge rock that is why it is known as Bhim Patthar.

There are only two ways to climb the huge rock and i.e., via naturally made steps. More than a hundred people for sure may stand or sit on top of Bhim Patthar.

Really interesting. Thank you – said I to Negi Ji for the tour.