Chausa ki Dal/Chaulai ka Saag/Mota Chawal – Traditional Dish of Uttarakhand

Chausa ki Dal, Chaulai ka Saag, Mota Chawal - Traditional Dish of Uttarakhand

We were received by Heera Singh Negi (owner of Tourist Nature Camp Stay) at Sari Village – the starting point for the Deoria Tal trek. During lunchtime, I requested Garhwali food. Thali was served. Dal (pulses) was too good. Upon the query, knowledge was enhanced.

It is Chausa dal i.e., Black Urad. First, it is roasted and then with the use of a traditional grinding stone, it is crushed to powder. Use of the strainer is required to separate the thin powder from the thick one. Later thick powder is crushed again. And finally, the powder is boiled once in water and Chaunk (temper) with Ghee, cumin seeds (jeera), and onions for delicious flavor.

It is delicious I agree and requested more. Amla ka Achaar, fried Red Chili was enhancing taste.

And a question: why fried Red Chili?

Negi said – if not fried, it is difficult to eat as it is too spicy, and too hot.

Thank you – said I. I Thoroughly enjoyed Garhwali food. Rs. 50/- per thali. Paid.