Different Types of Papads

Different Types of Papads

This photo was taken at Pali situated in Sudhagad taluka of Raigad district in Maharashtra. We purchased Lehsun Lal Mirch Papad (weight half kg) for Rs. 110 and Methi papad for Rs. 30. Other than these two, there were different types of papads available at the shop that were new to me and enhanced my knowledge.

For example Batata (potato) papad, Beet papad, Kothimbir papad, Lahsun (garlic) Lal Mirch (red chili) papad, Masala papad, Methi papad, Sabudana papad, Kurdai (कुरडई) papad, Wheat Kurdai, Tandul Feni and many more…

Interesting isn’t it?

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