Panvel to Goa by NH 17 and NH4

Panvel to Goa by NH 17 and NH4

I selected to drive the Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike through the National Highway. Kalambali Chowk is almost the starting point of the Mumbai – Pune Expressway. The expressway runs above the Chowk.

As I was driving from Mumbai I turned the motorbike left-hand side below the Mumbai – Pune Expressway towards Kalambali Chowk.

Kalambali chowk > Palaspa Fata, Panvel (7 km)

At Palaspa Fata, Panvel, there are two options:

  1. National Highway 17 (Mumbai – Goa Highway)
  2. National Highway 4 (Mumbai – Bangalore Highway via Pune city)
  • Palaspa Phata, Panvel to Goa via NH 17 Distance by Road and Driving Directions

Palaspa Phata, Panvel to Goa via National Highway 17 is 495.5 km approx.

Palaspa Phata > Karnala bird sanctuary (16.5 km)

Karnala bird sanctuary > Shri Parshuram Temple (199 km)

Shri Parshuram temple > Sangameshwar (60 km)

Sangameshwar > Lanja (61 km)

Lanja > Kankavli (88 km)

Kankavli > Banda (66.5 km)

Banda > Maharashtra – Goa border (4.5 km)


  • Palaspa Phata, Panvel to Goa via NH4 Distance by Road and Driving Directions

Palaspa Phata, Panvel to Goa via NH4 is 540.6 km approx.

20 km smooth drive, a board indicating Matheran – Hill Station turn left. Maybe someday. Continue driving straight…

Palaspa Fata, Panvel > Khopoli (34 km)

Khopoli > Shingroba Mandir (6 km)

Shingroba Mandir > Mumbai – Pune Expressway (2 km)

Mumbai – Pune Expressway > Lonavala city turn left (5.5 km)

Bikers had a few km of driving experience at Expressway but only a few km. Traffic police post after a few km direct you to turn motorbike towards Lonavala city. Bikers are not allowed at Expressway further.

13.5 km drive (via Lonavala city) left-hand side road towards Karla Caves. I remember I visited with my mother. Continue driving straight…

Lonavala city left turn > Somati Phata (38.5 km)
A huge Ganpati statue on top of the hill.

Somati Phata > Nabard building, Pune turn right (28.5 km)

Nabarad building is on the right-hand side.

Nabard building right turn > Swargate chowk (4 km)

Turn right, cross the bridge, 2nd traffic red light – turn left.

Cross Swargate chowk (roundabout). Drive straight towards Satara.

Swargate chowk > National Highway 4 (13.5 km)
I am driving through Katraj Ghat i.e., Katraj valley. Once again meeting National Highway 4.

National Highway 4 >  Satara College Of Engineering & Management, Limb(83 km)

10 km drive another board indicating a right turn towards Mahabaleshwar – Hill Station. Continue driving straight…

Satara College Of Engineering & Management, Limb > Satara (14 km)

Satara > Siye Phata turn right (112 km)
Siye Phata is below the bridge very close to the Lokmat Newspaper office (right side of the Highway). Few more km further if driving will reach Kolhapur for sure.

Siye Phata right turn > Vading chowk turn left (11.5)
11.5 km is a beautiful village route. Road condition Ok. It is the shortest route as guided by a villager.

Vading chowk left turn > Vading Phata turn left (3 km)

Vading Phata left turn > Shivaji pul turn right (.5 km)

Cross the bridge. Take the right turn from the chowk.

Shivaji pul right turn > Gangawish chowk turn right (1.3 km)
We are passing through Kolhapur city-area

Gangawish chowk right turn > Rankalavesha chowk turn right (.3 km)

Rankalavesha chowk right turn > Gaganpawda turn left (56 km)
I am driving through a silent road, with less traffic, a mini jungle, and in the end, clouds. Visibility is very less. Rainy season.

Gaganpawda ghat is a hilly green valley connecting National Highway 4 with National Highway 17 or one can say one of the road routes connecting Mumbai – Kolhapur – Goa.

It was a rainy season, I was driving a solo Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinsprak motorbike passing through clouds downwards towards National Highway 17. The route was almost empty, and the clouds thunder a little scary, but the drive was scenic. In a few places, due to dense clouds, and fog it was impossible to see further than 10 meters. I guess after the rainy season it is one of the best to drive, though I enjoyed it during the rainy season.

Gaganpawda left turn > Vaibhav Vadi chowk right turn (19 km)

Vaibhav Vadi Chowk right turn > Talere turn left (14.5)
Talere left turn is National Highway 17 (Mumbai – Goa).

Talere left turn > Kankavli (23 km)

Kankavli > Savantwadi (53 km)

Savantwadi > Goa border (17.5)

Note: Shri Datta Snacks Corner and Shri Dattaguru Snacks at Palaspe Phata, Panvel are famous for mouth-watering snacks.

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