About: Karla Caves – Excavated in Circa 1st Century B.C.

About - Karla Caves (Pune, Maharashtra, India)

The Buddhist Caves at Karla were excavated in circa 1st Century B.C. The spacious Chaitya Hall (124′ – 3″ x 45′ – 6″) with its majestic facade flanked by the massive Lion pillar. The inner frontage containing the Sun window, ornamental arcading, and sculptures, marks the culmination of the Himayana type of Chaitya Hall. The figures of Buddha carved in relief belong to the later Mahayana Phase (circa 5th – 6th century A.D.) and do not form a part of the original scheme. Inside the cave are carved a number of inscriptional records in Brahmi characters giving the names of donors who contributed for the excavation of this cave. In one of the inscriptions, this rock – mansion is described as the most excellent one in Jambudvipa (India).

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