Arbi aur Kashifal ke Patte ki Sabzi/Ches/Jhangora – Traditional Food of Uttarakhand

Arbi aur Kashifal ke Patte ki Sabzi, Ches, Jhangora - Food of Uttarakhand

This photo was taken during Homestay at Bagi Village in Devprayag (Uttarakhand).

Arbi ke PatteColocassia leaves

Kashifal ke Patte – Pumpkin leaves

Ches is dal.

Kali Urad (black gram) paste is made via Sil Batta (flat stone and cylindrical grinding stone) while adding a little water.

Tadka is prepared in Kaali (black) Kadhai at the beginning finally adding Kali Urad paste into it and water as per requirement and boiling for more than 30 minutes to prepare Ches.

Jhangora – a local cereal is also known as falahari (fruitarian) dish.