Brief History of Devprayag

Brief History of Devprayag
  • Welcome to Devbhoomi Devprayag. Shri Ram meditation ground and out of 108 holy places of India one of the holy places.
  • Welcome to Tapobhoomi Devprayag where the founder of “Jagannathpuri” King Indradhumn came to meditate.
  • Shri Ram’s oldest temple with Nagar, katyur architecture, and Lord Vishnu’s 6 feet four-armed idol installed. During Satyug Devsharma Muni meditated at this place. Devprayag is named in the name of Devsharma Muni as per Lord Vishnu’s wishes.
  • South India Devprayag is known as Kandvennumkadinagram.

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