Waitlist Tatkal Train Ticket Manual Refund Experience in Rishikesh

In June 2014, Rishikesh, I with a local friend planned to visit Garhmukteshwar by train. We visited Rishikesh Railway Station to book train tickets. Waiting list – The answer. I request Tatkal tickets. Waiting list too. I thought it might get confirmed I booked two 3A tickets from Haridwar (30+ km from Rishikesh) to Gajraula.

We were waiting anxiously for the Mussoorie Express train chart to be prepared. If I am correct three hours before the train departure time train chart is prepared. And when it was prepared tickets were not confirmed – checked via 139 SMS service. We were disappointed but what to do? The next question – refund?

We reached Rishikesh Railway Station to return our tickets to receive a refund. It was more than 8 pm. Ticket counters were closed for the day.

Now, what to do?

A railway person was present. We were guided to visit Haridwar Railway Station (30 km) to receive a refund.

What? – said I. To get a refund for the waitlist tatkal tickets booked from Rishikesh Railway Station I have to travel 30 km at this hour? approx. 50 min to 1-hour journey.

I was disappointed but what to do? We traveled via motorbike to reach Haridwar Railway Station. At 21:42 we received the refund. Rs. 70 was deducted by Railways as a cancellation fee. I was told the counter closed at 10 pm. Only one counter is open at night.

Upon the query about waitlist tatkal ticket refund rules the counter person said: up to two hours after the train’s actual departure time.

In short what I want to say is: To receive a refund I have to travel that far which was very disappointing but later upon the query I was told for late-night trains and for hilly or remote areas one might get a refund the next day within first two hours of counter opening. But the question is: Whether Rishikesh is a remote area or a hilly area or not Or, what I did was correct?

I agree: IRCTC Online ticket booking is much better than manually. At least a refund is automatically returned to one’s account.

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