Once I Forgot to Pack Sony Camera Battery Charger During Uttarakhand Tour

I was at Kanak Chauri village approx. 181 km from Rishikesh and 38 km from Rudraprayag Town to visit Kartik Swami Temple and I realized I left the Sony DSC HX400V camera battery charger in Rishikesh.

Where to buy a camera charger? I question locals.

Rudraprayag – They said. I re-started the motorbike to reach Rudraprayag. I had no other option – what to do.

During the search at Rudraprayag Town, I failed to find a camera charger. I visited a local friend. He advised visiting Srinagar Town because it is a big town and chances are bright there only. 30-35 km journey – Ok said I.

I visited many electronics/camera shops in Srinagar and failed again. Then a student upon query enhanced knowledge about a shop situated inside the main market almost opposite Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Tourist Rest House.

Narula Electricals (0-94120 79078) is the shop name situated on the right-hand side inside the main market, Srinagar approx. 50 meters from National Highway 58. Yes, the camera battery charger was available but locally made. No worries if it solves the problem. It was working. The shopkeeper tested the battery with the charger. I purchased it immediately, and I also purchased one camera memory card. In short, I realized it was tough to find camera accessories in mountains. Thanks to the shopkeeper otherwise the tour might be without a photo. After the Kartik Swami Temple visit, I visited Deoria Tal too. This was the first time in the past 4 years of travel that I forgot to pack one of the most important things for memories.

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