Taxi Fare I Paid for Bodh Gaya to Pawapuri via Rajgir-Nalanda to-and-fro Journey

Rs. 2500 for Indigo car said a travel service in Bodh Gaya upon the query for journey to Rajgir, Nalanda, Pawapuri and return.

Rs. 500 paid as advance.

7:10 am the next day we started the journey from Bodh Gaya reached Chariot Wheel Mark and Shell Characters and nearby Bimbisar Jail (right-hand side of the highway) in Rajgir at 9:10 am after covering a distance of 73 km approx.

Bodh Gaya to Rajgir 2 hours approx. travel time.

The next stop at 10 am was Sone Bhandar and 1 km further Battle ground of Jarasandh.

Since morning no breakfast and the time is close to 11 am. We stop at Green Hotel (suggested by the cab driver) situated almost opposite the hot water spring in Rajgir. We had Aalu Paratha, Dahi (curd), Aalu Dum, Egg Curry, and Salad. Cost – Rs. 408/-. Aalu Dum and Egg Curry was the best-prepared meal I had in recent times. I love food from Bihar.

After lunch, we had a visit to hot water springs and a halt at Venuvan on the left-hand side a little further.

11:50 am we reached Nalanda to visit Nalanda Mahavihara. We met R.B. Prasad – the guide and a walk to listen to history.

2:10 pm we left Nalanda and dropped the idea of visiting Pawapuri as we were tired by now. We have to visit Vulture Peak in Rajgir also which is a short climb – I said.

At Silao we stop to purchase the traditional famous snack – Khaja and further continuing journey to reach Rajgir again.

3:20 pm we started climbing stairs to reach Vulture Peak. 30 minutes trek – maximum. 4:40 pm we started walking down.

5:00 pm we left Rajgir for Bodh Gaya.

6:30 pm we reached Gaya and 6:50 pm Bodh Gaya.

Total distance covered from Bodh Gaya to Nalanda to-and-fro 194 km. Road condition – brilliant.

I am happy with the travel services quote. Rs. 2000 pending amount paid. It was a nice tour. Thank you – said I.