My Favourite Eating Places in and Around Bodhgaya

My Favourite Eating Places in and Around Bodhgaya

We reached Bodhgaya during the end of the off-season. Upon the query about fewer eating place options, we were told during the season i.e., from October till February there are many restaurants in Bodhgaya – yet to open.

As per personal experience, I am sharing my favorite restaurants in Bodhgaya (Bihar).

Be Happy Cafe near Kalchakra ground was the first restaurant I visited and requested coffee. As there were different types of coffee available, I was confused. I requested the owner of the cafe to serve coffee as per his choice.

Cafe Latte (Espresso with steamed milk) he suggested.

Ok – said I.

Within minutes it was served. Cost – Rs. 100/-.

What I found more interesting was the ambiance inside the cafe. The cleanliness, the colors and a small collection of books, filter water facility for Rs. 10/- per bottle, and Free Wi-Fi. A thought to visit again.

After a few days, I had Special Breakfast i.e., 2 Eggs Omelette, Brown Bread Toast with Butter + Jam, and herbed Potatoes. It was excellently presented and was good in taste. Cost – Rs. 150/-

Another day another restaurant.

Fujiya Green Restaurant nearby Be Happy Cafe. They have two sections. Actually three sections. One is outside, another is inside without air-conditioning, and the last section is with air-conditioning. As the weather was hot, I selected the last one. Television is also there. We visited Fujiya twice. Once we had Chicken Chowmein and Aalu Paratha. Cost – Rs. 130/-. And once we had Veg. Momo, Veg. Manchurian, Thai Fried Rice. Cost – Rs. 200/-. Service is quick. Within minutes food was served and was good. I can say it is a pure Indian restaurant serving all types of food.

My favorite was the Thai Restaurant situated opposite the Thai temple. During the first visit, I requested them to serve what they think will be the best food for an Indian for dinner as I wasn’t having any idea about Thai food.

Papaya Salad also known as Som Tum was served. Cost – Rs. 90/-. Too much chili I quit but was sure to visit again because of the cleanliness around and the food prepared by the owner herself.

And I visited again.

Thai Fried Rice with Chicken for Brunch (cost – Rs. 180/-) and Rice Topped with Stir-fried Chicken for Dinner (cost Rs. 160/-) I had. Yes, this time I requested the staff to convey to the lady (who only speaks Thai) I do not like chili.

Excellent food quality. I was told the restaurant is opened just a few days ago. They have one more restaurant in Kolkata.

Gautam Lassi is another favorite for a drink after a meal. Thrice I had lassi. The shop is situated at Domuhan Road only half km before the Main Temple on the left-hand side. Delicious lassi it was. Cost – Rs. 20/ no matter if you select Lassi with Cream or without. I prefer Lassi with a thick layer of cream.

Eating places around Bodhgaya I have to say: Green Hotel situated at Rajgir serves one of the best foods. Most of the cab drivers stop there only with the tourist. It is very famous among locals as well as tourists. During Rajgir’s visit, we stop and had Aalu Paratha, Dahi (curd), Aalu Dum, Egg Curry, and Salad. Cost – Rs. 408/-. Aalu Dum and Egg Curry were beyond excellent – The best.

If I count all the eating places in and around Bodhgaya where I had food, Thai Restaurants, and Green Hotel food were the most favorite. Restaurants in Bodhgaya are mostly nearby the main temple or Kalchakra ground. Thai food was my personal favorite. And not to forget Masala Lemon Tea (nimbu chai) as an evening drink nearby Mahabodhi temple. Delicious it was.


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