Shri Gopi Uddhav Samvad Sthal (Gyan Gudri) – The Location where Radha and Gopis Preached Uddhava

Shri Gopi Uddhav Samvad Sthal (Gyan Gudri) – The Location where Radha and Gopis Preached Uddhava

VrindavanVrinda is Tulsi, Van – The forest as per Hindi to English translation.

Years ago there were lots-n-lots of Tulsi within this area thus it is named Vrindavan. Till-date lots of Tulsi plants are within most of the homes. This is the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. Even many saints and Dhruv as well.

Ram Krishna and I walked and talked. Ram Krishna is a guide and a friend. He knows Vrindavan very well. Gyaan Gudri – He said.

What is Gyan Gudri? – I question.

When Lord Krishna left for Mathura he sent his closest Sakha (friend) Uddhava to Vrindavan with a message for Radha and Gopis as they were missing Lord’s presence. But the opposite happened. Uddhava was preached by Radha, and an impact was made thus, Uddhava stayed at Vrindavan till Nanda Baba forcefully sent him back.

In short Gyaan Gudri is the location where Radha along with Gopis preached Uddhava. Even Vidura visited this location.

Hanuman temple is within the area and Radha’s feet as a symbol.

Till-date if someones die within Vrindavan people take a parikrama of this area so that there is no rebirth for the person – it is believed. Even the Braj-Raj (Vrindavan dust) is so pure it is showered over the dead body for the mukti (spiritual liberation) of the person. People love to roll on the ground to apply dust all over their bodies. Why do they do so? Because Lord Krishna and many great saints’ feet had touched Vrindavan thus, it is pure.

And a display-board talks about the importance of the location:

Shri Hari Charnam – Gyaan Gudri

Shri Vidur evam Shri Uddhava samvad parichayak stamb

Yahi Vidur tatha Uddhava ka samvad hua tha

Shlok Uddhava ne yahi gaya tha

Shri Guru Prasad Gautam in remembrance of Pandit Muktinath installed stambh

Thank you, Ram Krishna – said I. Knowledge enhanced.

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