Radha Teela – The Place of Raas Leela of Sri Radha-Krishna

Radha Teela – This place situated on Vrindavan Parikrama Marg is the place of Raas Leela of Sri RadhaKrishna, known as ‘Radha Teela’. In ancient times, Shri Yamuna ji used to flow near this mound. This mound was covered with beautiful trees and creepers.

According to belief, the trees standing here are in the form of Sri Radha-Krishna and Gopis. Even today, like Nidhivan and Seva-Kunj here Sri Radha-Krishna and Gopis perform Raas in the night. That’s why visits here stopped after the evening. This mound was named ‘Radha Teela’ because it is the place of Raas of Sri Priya-Pritam.

(Source: Display Board at Radha Teela)

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