About: Seva Kunj – The Divine Rasleela Place of Shri Krishna & Radharani

About: Seva Kunj (Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India)

In ancient Vrindavan, this picturesque and beautiful place, introduces the abundance of Lata-Kunj (creepers), in the middle of which is the beautiful temple of Shri Radharani ji, and near is the Darshaniye Lalita Kund. It is surrounded by four walls of red stone in the middle of the population of  Vrindavan city. According to the legend, even now every night there is a divine Rasleela of Shri Krishna and Radharani. At night no humans, animals, or birds stay here. Goswami Shri Hith Harvansh ji revealed this along with many other Leela places in the year 1590.

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