About: Bhatrod Bihari ji Temple Also Known as Ashok Van

Bhatrod Bihari ji Temple (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Further continuing the next day we reach Bhatrod Bihari ji Temple – 4 km approx. from Vrindavan situated on top of a small hill. A few steps and we reach the temple. Picturesque locations all around, and I saw a peacock. It is always a pleasure to watch the same. Always colorful.

History of the temple? – We inquire from the priest.

As per Bhagwat dasam skanda third chapter, Lord Krishna was grazing cows in this very location and felt hungry. Few sages of Mathura were present performing Yagya. Krishna requested for food but it was not provided by them. But the wife of the sage offered Lord Krishna boiled rice to eat. Since that day the location is named Bhatrod Bihari Ji.

Dahi Bhaat (curd-rice), Kadhi Bhaat they say was offered to Lord Krishna. The location around the temple is also known as Ashok Van.