About: Shri Akrur Dham – Akrur Ghat

Shri Akrur Dham – The next stop after visiting Bhatrod Bihari Ji.

Kansa ordered Akrur (cousin uncle of Krishna) to bring Krishna and Balarama to Mathura. Akrur along with Lord Krishna and Balarama stopped his chariot at this location near the Yamuna river. During that time Akrur realized he wasn’t doing a good act because the moment they reached Mathura Kansa would kill both brothers. This thought of Akrur was known by Lord Krishna, and he stopped the sun for a few minutes. Surya Grahan (solar eclipse) occurred. Lord Krishna requested Akrur to bathe within the Yamuna as currently, a solar eclipse is going on. While bathing, Akrur saw the chariot all around within the Yamuna outside the Yamuna. He was confused. At that moment, Lord Krishna showed him his Chaturbhuji Roop. Akrur then realized the child was God himself. Thus a temple was built at this location named Akrur Dham – Akrur ghat.

It is believed having a bath within the river Yamuna during Kartik Poornima and during the Solar Eclipse is as equal to having a bath and a visit to Kurukshetra. In the year 1515 Chaitanya Mahaprabhu during the bath within the Yamuna river at this very location had feelings as equal as Akrur.

17th March, Holi (festival of colors) will be celebrated. 17th April, Hanuman Jayanti – said the priest. Very informative – said I, and we proceeded towards Dwarkadhish temple to further continue our journey.

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