Shri Dwarkadhish Temple (Mathura) – Built in 1814

The vehicle has to be stopped at Vishram ghat, and we have to proceed further to continue by walking about half a km.

Vishram Ghat at Mathura is 11 km from Vrindavan.

Shri Dwarkadhish Temple was about to close after afternoon prayers. We were told that if the bulb outside the main gate of the temple is ON, it indicates the temple is open. If OFF the gates of the temple are closed. We were walking fast and from afar we saw the bulb above the entrance gate ON. We are lucky – said all of us.

Holi songs were in full swing by Braj Fag Dwarkesh Rasiya Mandal. After praying Dwarkadhish I stop to watch. Traditional and Electrifying effect – I felt. I enjoyed it a lot. The time was short as we had to tour many temples I had to leave, but what I felt was that if enough time for 31 days, one could be present and watch traditional Holi songs with immense happiness within this temple of Braj.

And we move towards Vishram ghat to offer prayers. Vishram Ghat is surrounded by numerous other ghats as well as temples.

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