About: Chandravali (friend of Radha) Temple (Mahavan)

Chandravali (friend of Radha) Temple is situated at Mahavan in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. 4 km approx from Rawal, our next temple visit.

Chandravali – The friend of Radha was more beautiful than Radha. She used to pray, meditate, and sing the bhajan of Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna once visited this place and found Chandravali worshiping him. After years he again visited and found Chandravali turned into stone. Shri Krishna was amazed and blessed her during Kalyug people will worship you.

There is an old water well close to the deity which is said to be since the Krishna era. Water is offered to the deity in the morning hours from the same water well. Each Monday there is a rush of devotees to pray. Monday is a special day.

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