How much Time I took to Trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria?

How much Time I took to Trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria?

Ghangaria Village is 13 km (trek) from Govindghat (Uttarakhand).

(3 km is Valley of Flowers from Ghangaria Village on the right-hand side. And further straight continuing Govindghat Ghangaria trek for another 6 km will take you to Hemkund Sahib)

We started our journey from Joshimath to Govindghat at 10:15 am via sharing the jeep. By 11 am we reached Govindghat.

11:30 we started our trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria. First, we stop at a counter just before the iron bridge over Alaknanda River to hire Kandi wala services to carry luggage bags. Rs. 605/- I paid.

The bridge itself is beautiful to watch. The moment we cross the bridge the display board talks about the distance which is 13 km.

The initial trek of one hour is stony, steep, and mostly with iron railings, and then a relaxed comfortable cemented path to walk next to Hem Ganga holy river. The scenery around cannot be described in words. One should visit to experience it.

There are various display boards talking about village distance, poems praising God and nature, Valley of Flowers, way to Kagbhushandi, quotes, and about NGO.

2 pm we were at Jungle Chatti. Govindghat to Jungle Chatti is 5 Km approx.

We were hungry. I order two Maggi noodles for 3 people and two bottles of mineral water. Total amount I paid – Rs. 180/- (Rs. 100 for Maggie and Rs. 80 for two water bottles). Here I realized the word – costly.

2:45 pm we re-started our trek from Jungle Chatti.

On the way around 4 pm, we saw a tent for trekkers interested in foot massage. We stop a little but as there were too many trekkers in line for foot massage we decided to walk.

5 pm we were standing under a snow arch for our photography skills.

The last few km is again steep and by that time I was very tired.

At 7:22 pm we were nearby Helipad and at 7:45 pm we reached Ghangaria.

In short a thoroughly fantastic, clean well-maintained trek alongside Hem Ganga holy river.

13 km completed. Next day Ghangaria Hemkund trek i.e., 6 km.

Total Trek Time from Govindghat to Ghangaria Village was 8 hours approx. including break-time.

Note: It is important to share the return journey time.

While returning from Ghangaria to Govindghat, we started our journey at 6 am. We were unaware of a river flowing below a bridge so I ask about the same to a makeshift stall owner. He was also unaware and I question another.

Pushpawati river – He said. Upon further query about the current location, he said – Kuwan pul (pul is a bridge).

Thank you – said I and we continue our journey. Nearby we saw Relax & Eat restaurant. We stop for breakfast.

We had aaloo paratha (Rs. 35) and tea (Rs. 15). The rate varies a little I realized. High-altitude makeshift shops including restaurants are costly and the reason is: to reach ration, gas, etc. one has to pay to mule owners for mule services and kandi wala services.

Anyway, by 8:25 am we have completed 5 km downward journey. Easy it was for sure.

During the journey, we saw a few pilgrims collecting fruits from a shrub. Upon the query they enhanced our knowledge by saying, it is used as medicine for body pain. Tatela fruit is the name. First, it is dried and crushed to make powder. Later powder is mixed with mustard oil to apply for body pain. Knowledge enhanced. Thank you – said I.

Little more walking. Kandi wala started plucking yellow color fruits.

Ainselu – He said but I knew it is Hinsar wild berries. What he is saying is a common name.

12 noon we reached Govindghat and stayed in Gurudwara for a night. I was happy about the entire trek.

Total Trek Time from Ghangaria Village to Govindghat was 6 hours approx. including break-time.

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