How to Reach Adalaj Stepwell from Heritage House in Ahmedabad?

Heritage House is in Khadia locality in Ahmedabad – 10 minutes walking distance from Ahmedabad Railway Station. I stayed in the Heritage House during my Ahmedabad tour.

Pankaj – my friend had Ola and Uber apps on his mobile. So we booked an entire auto via the Uber app for Adalaj Stepwell situated in Adalaj village – approx. 19 km (one-way) distance from Heritage House.

There are two ways to reach Adalaj village. One is – if you are alone, book a motorbike via the Ola app from Heritage House and reach the Geeta mandir bus stand. Bike charges will be 17 rupees. And ride a 22-number bus to reach Adalaj village.

The second option is – to book an Uber auto from the Heritage House for Adalaj Village/Adalaj Stepwell and reach within 45 minutes.

We paid an auto Rs. 380 for the to and fro journey to Adalaj Stepwell from Heritage House.

Stepwell is not to be missed if you are touring Ahmedabad because of its history and not to forget, it is a good location for photographers.

Ticket for Indians – Rs. 25 per person and for foreigners – Rs. 300 per person.

Entry is free for children and those below the age of 15 years.

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