Sweet Bengal – My Favourite Sweet Shop in Mumbai Suburban

Sweet Bengal from the house of Specialty Restaurants LTD.- My first choice for festivals/occasions, when I get a sweet craving. I consider them at par with authentic Bengali sweets. I am a huge fan of their sweets. Not sure, if it is my family’s favorite sweet outlet or not but I find almost all sweets – palatable.

As per my experience – heavenly/salivating/yummylicious/delectable taste in sweets and the tempting texture is perfect.

Perhaps one of the best Bengali sweets chains in Mumbai city. In other words – a one-stop-shop for all Bengali sweets.

Even though kinda pricey, compared to other sweet shops in Mumbai Suburban, the taste/quality offered is perfect/addictive.

I recently on the occasion of the Deepawali – festival of lights, visited an outlet and requested:

Kala Jamun (3 pcs. – Rs 28 each), Kheer Kodom (3 pcs. – Rs. 35 each), Dilkhush Sandesh (3 pcs. – Rs. 38 each), and Abar Khabo Sondesh (3 pcs. – Rs. 36 each).

Bill Total: Rs. 432 including SGST/CGST.

Expensive but one of the best options in Mumbai Suburban for genuine Bengali sweets. Awesome brand – in short.

Established in 1995, have more than 25 strategically located, very popular stores in Mumbai.

And their varieties of sweets & namkeen menu as follows:

Roser Mishti – Rosomalai, Channar Jalebi, Chitrakut, Rosogolla, Baked Rosogolla, Special Rosogolla, Gulab Jamun, Langcha, Malai Langcha, Kesar Rajbhog, Ros Kodom

Channar Sondesh – Nalen Gurer Sondesh, Nalen Gurer Kanchagolla, Kanchagolla, Jolbhora, Gurer Bhapa Sondesh, Kesar Sondesh, Elaichi Sondesh, Ice Cream Sondesh, Two in One Sondesh, Suger Free Sondesh

Chomchom – Kheer Kodom, Gurer Kheer Kodom, Chomchom, Cream Chomchom, Mango Chomchom, Gurer Malai Chomchom, Malai Sandwich, Malai Toast, Malai Roll, Malai Chop, Mohan Bhog

Laddu & Peda – Motichur Laddu, Besan Laddu, Mohanthal, Malai Dhonda, Vanilla Malai Peda, Malai Kesar Peda

Dry Fruit Sweet – Kaju Barfi, Kesar Kaju Barfi, Kaju Pista Sandwich, Kaju Anjir Roll, Badam Pista Roll, Badam Pista Paan, Kaju Anjir Biscuits, Badam Barfi

Namkeen – Green Peas Kachori & Aloo Tarkari, Vegetable Chop, Khasta Kachori, Ghee Samosa, Paneer Cutlet.

And Special Bengali Varieties are as follows:

Gurer Rosogollar Payesh, Gurer Rabri, Boondi, Nalen Gurer Rosogolla, Patishapta, Kheer Samosa, Labanga Latika, Kheerer Goja

They also sell – Mishti Doi (1 kg/500 gms/100 gms).

Timings: 9:30 am – 9:00 pm (7 days open)

They also own brands like Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Jungle Safari, Hoppipola, Café Mezunna, Machaan, and more..

Bhīṣaṇa dāruna (एक दम बढ़िया).


Good to have sweets after dinner though not recommended at night. Weight-Gain may be the reason. Correct?

Sweet Bengal is an ISO 22000 Certified – The food provided by the food business operator is safe for human consumption.

I would recommend Sweet Bengal – Heavenly Sweets to have at least once if you love excellent, quality, premium Bengali sweets. Worth a visit.

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