How much Washing a Motorcycle Cost in Mumbai Suburban?

bike wash near me – Google search and come across a few articles about Express Bike Works (EBW) – One Stop Eco-Friendly Motorcycle Care founded in early 2013 – a brand of Entropy Innovations, an engineering innovations company.

EBW machines are the country’s first fastest 2-minute automated motorcycle wash system capable of washing even the dirtiest of motorcycles within 5 minutes, which is the fastest in the world.

A proud made-in-India venture.

They say – conventional wash (local/roadside garage) takes 50-60 liters of water while EBW takes 10 liters only and 90% of the water is recycled to reuse.

And EBW motorcycle washing cost?

Just Rs. 50/60 – Rs. 150.

In general, I had to spend approx. an hour at a local/roadside garage for motorcycle wash. I was in need of something better for my Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark 350cc motorcycle. So why not try EBW.

They say – water pressure is optimized between 400 to 600 PSI to avoid causing any kind of damage to the motorcycle.

EBW machine is basically a kiosk that can take in motorcycles of any size.

Park the motorbike inside the kiosk, come out, shut the door, and click a button to get the washing done via biodegradable detergents.

EBW is running successfully in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Nashik, Bengaluru, Dhanbad, Coimbatore, Guntur, Hyderabad, and Hubli. And new upcoming stores in Kochi, Mumbai-West, Bhubaneshwar, Nagpur, Surat, Vijaywada, and Mysore.

Apart from India, EBW is also in Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Rwanda, and Colombia.

All these above reads convinced me and I decided to visit its first franchisee outlet at their COCO Sahar village petrol pump in Mumbai (nearest to my location). But before visiting, I called the petrol pump and the reply – service to the dialed number is temporarily withdrawn/the number you have dialed is invalid.

Even the Express Bike Works Facebook page had a contact number and a website link – both not working.


Anyway, after driving for 8 km approx., I reached COCO Sahar village petrol pump.

Another disappointment was waiting.

Though EBW machine – the kiosk was there but closed way back as told by a petrol pump employee.

Anyway, finally back to the square, I visited the local motorcycle washing garage at road no. 8 near Sahara Studios, Goregaon West.

First, the motorbike was cleaned with pressure pipe water. Then a little degreaser was added to the shampoo inside a spray bottle. A pressure pipe was attached to a spray bottle and shampoo+degreaser mixture was sprinkled all over the motorbike. A cloth was used to rub the motorbike for a few minutes and then again pressure pipe water for cleaning.

Total time for motorbike washing – 18 minutes.

And the washing motorcycle cost in Mumbai Suburban?

Rs. 150 only/-

A suggestion: all local/roadside washing garages should use recycling methods to reuse the water instead of wasting it.

Earlier, I remember diesel was used to clean motorcycles but I was told that degreaser mixed with shampoo is better.

Anyway, the wish to have Express Bike Works (EBW) 2-minute automated motorcycle wash system remained unfulfilled. Maybe someday at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) – another nearest after Sahar village.

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