Review: Rara/Rarra Chicken – Aman Chicken’s Signature Dish

I was touring Ludhiana in Punjab. Can’t think of missing a few delicious dishes, especially chicken of Punjabi cuisine.

Aman Chicken or Baba Chicken – One of the best chicken brands in Ludhiana, having more than 3,500 Google reviews.

Not too far from the location, I was staying.

I had my cousin’s brother’s (from Ludhiana) opinion about both restaurants and he suggested – up to you.

Aman Chicken/Baba Chicken are both the most famous, must stop for non-veg food lovers in Ludhiana specially Ludhianvis.

I decided to visit Aman Chicken (since 1985) for lunch at Jagjit Nagar, Near Shastri Nagar, Railway Crossing.

The ambiance is basic but air-conditioned, neat, and clean.

The menu – Butter Chicken, Masala Chicken, Rarra Chicken, Cream Chicken, Keema Chicken, Palak Chicken, Methi Chicken, Kali Mirch Chicken, Chicken Curry, New Lemon Chicken (white gravy), Old Lemon Chicken (Rarra Gravy), etc.

One of the must-visit restaurants for sure in Ludhiana having varieties of signature chicken dishes.

There were fish, meat, biryani (chicken/mutton), and veg. main course too but I was adamant about having chicken.

Chicken Curry is my favorite but still, I requested the waiter to guide me about the best signature chicken dish available.

Rara Chicken – He replied.

Half Rara Chicken (Rs. 380), four Chapatis (Rs. 17 each), Salad (Rs. 50), and Mineral Water (Rs. 30) – I placed the order.

Quick service. Preparation looks rich & good. Thank you – said I.

When I had the first bite, it was all about the tender, fantabulous, delicious flavor of the chicken.

Rara Chicken’s premium taste was awesome. In short – finger smacking. Ultimate. Fabulous.

Total Bill: Rs. 554 including CGST/SGST.

A little bit pricey but the Rara Chicken is finger-licking good. It’s different.

I had an excellent experience visiting Aman Chicken.

Anyone traveling to Ludhiana must try Rara Chicken at least once at Aman Chicken. Recommendable.

Aman Chicken – Great for lunch or dinner with family too. A landmark eatery in Ludhiana.

Even if you’re a food connoisseur, and wanna try out some authentic culinary excellence, you should visit Aman Chicken.

Timings: 10 am – 12 Night.

Aman Chicken is also having one more – The oldest shop near Karimpura Bazar in Ludhiana.

But one question – What is Rara/Rarra Chicken?

I requested the person present at the cash counter to enhance my knowledge.

Tandoori Chicken along with specially prepared gravy when roasted one more time inside tandoor, is known as Rara Chicken. And it is not dry. The special ingredients formula to prepare Rara Chicken is especially known to only one chef.

A secret.

Lachcha Paratha is recommended best with Rara Chicken.

Wonderful information shared. Knowledge enhanced. Thank you – said I.

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