Panki Chatni – A Signature Dish of ‘Swati Snacks’ Since 1963

Panki Chatni – A Signature Dish of ‘Swati Snacks’ Since 1963

The above-shown menu was Swati Snacks (Tardeo) yesterday’s special but I was in search of signature dishes.

Nitin was our steward. He enhanced our knowledge about a lesser-known Gujarati dish and that is Panki Chatni.

According to Nitin, Panki Chatni is savory rice thin pancakes steamed in two well-greased banana leaves – a traditional Gujarati breakfast delicacy originated from the word leaf. A light food to have and easy to digest. The banana leaves impart a special flavor. Panki is taken out from the banana leaves by gently peeling off and is served with coriander chutney.

Fantastic! Please serve – said I and a Special Cold Filter Coffee too.

The service was quick and within minutes Panki Chatni (Rs. 230), as well as Special Cold Filter Coffee (Rs. 230), was served.

Panki was appetizing by its looks and delicious, scrumptious, and flavorful by its taste.

The only complaint – the quantity was less.

Anyway, Special Cold Filter Coffee was different too because of the cinnamon sprinkled on top of it.

Other than these two we also had Bajri Uttapami (Rs. 265) and Thandai Coconut Ice Cream (Rs. 275).

In totality the signature dish as well as other served items were excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

A visible kitchen and neat and clean washbasin as well as toilet – The plus point. Maybe again visit someday.

My reason to visit Swati Snacks is Mukesh Ambani, Tim Cook (CEO of Apple Inc.), and Madhuri Dixit Nene.

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