Fresh Marigold Flowers for Sale at Dadar on Diwali Day

Marigold Flowers for Sale nearby Dadar Wholesale Flower Market, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Early in the morning of Diwali day, I decided to visit the wholesale flower market at Dadar to purchase a Marigold garland. The price was in the range of Rs. 20-40 per meter. I purchased seven meters of marigold garland and the cost was Rs. 20 per meter. And then I inquire about marigold petals. Rs. 40 per kilogram, she said. We paid Rs. 20 and had approx. half kg. marigold petals. Yes, the wholesale market at Dadar, Mumbai is indeed the cheapest from the market I have nearby house. Total Rs. 160 I paid and was carrying Marigold flowers inside a sack. If I was at home maybe the same flowers would have cost Rs. 300, I guess.