How much I Paid Per Day for Scooter Hire in Virupapur Gaddi (another side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River)?

Srinivas Scooter Hire Service in Virupapur Gaddi (Hampi), Karnataka, India

First day at Virupapur Gaddi (another side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River) around the afternoon hours we hire bicycles for half-day for Rs. 50/- only but soon we realized we need the machine for the next coming days. On the second day we started enquiring about scooter hire charges. Finally, we finalized Srinivas Scooter Hire Service outside Funky Monkey Restaurant.

TVS Scooty was the choice. Rs. 250/- (excluding petrol) for 24 hours after the bargain. We kept the scooter at our guest house even at night.

(Petrol station is approx. 6 km from Virupapur Gaddi opposite the entrance of Anegundi Village)

TVS Scooty was perfect except once during returning from Hospet the vehicle broke down near Bandi Harlapur but soon we found a two-wheeler service shop. Saleem – The owner cleans the carburetor and also fixed the loose battery wire. He charged Rs. 50/- for the service.

Please note: Hire scooter entry is not allowed at Hampi. One has to hire a bicycle or auto for the Hampi tour.

The advantage of hiring a scooter at Virupapur Gaddi is – You may ride to Sanapur Lake, Waterfall, Anjana Hill, Anegundi Village, and many more tourist locations which are nearby except entry at Hampi.

In short, thoroughly enjoyed TVS Scooty. The best way to ride around Virupapur Gaddi.