Sanapur Lake: One of The Best Place to Spend an Evening near Hampi

Sanapur Lake near Hampi in Karnataka, India

Sanapur Lake is approx. 2 km from Virupapur Gaddi (another side of Hampi across the Tungabhadra River). Once you are on the main road turn left and drive or walk for one km approx. till you reach a village/marketplace. A right turn will straight take you towards Sanapur Lake. You may sit quietly with your friends anywhere near boulders present around the lake or you may walk or drive your scooter but it is sure Sanapur Lake is one of the best places to spend an evening and watch the sunset as well. Many tourists in groups you will find reaching by evening to spend quality time together. A must-visit place especially during evening hours. I have visited the lake during the early morning hours too but the evening hours at Sanapur Lake are one of the best for sure.